Ways to Perfect Your SEO Strategy
Written by
Kishan Kundu
May 2019
Written by
Kishan Kundu
May 2019

These days, everybody wants to be on the first page on Google. However, the few that enjoy that privilege are the ones who know what it takes.


We believe a good SEO strategy is a combination of factors such as engagement, content optimization or innovation. Business owners who know how to use these three receive the most visibility for their company.



At first, we have to find an opportunity where not many people have taken yet. It is vital being as specific as possible since it lets search engines know your website is specialized.


Those who have tried various techniques and have years of experience we know it is not simple beating gigantic stores like Walmart, Amazon, eBay or Etsy. They have everything about anything.


Now, what if we focus solely on a microniche? Google will perceive the page more relevant for that data and will put our website on the first page. In the next years, people are preferring dealing with experts more and more. Here is an example:


The difference between building a business in the medical sector and make it with, for instance, dentist equipment is tremendous. Business owners pass from competing with millions of established brands to fight only a few companies.



Since we write for human beings, relating our content for specific keywords is not sufficient for a good ranking. The engagement of our visitors determines how much our site will expand.


In other words, valuable content is what keeps people motivated to spend more time on the website. Optimizing the right way is including the keywords after creating the content.



A great technique to rank a lot of keywords better is using links connecting other pieces of content.


The goal is to move our visitors from a high traffic page to another that doesn't have enough visibility yet, for instance, long-tail keywords.


These are more specific than usual. Long tail keywords have a lower monthly volume but are also less competitive. Even better, we can take advantage of these keywords to link them to the bigger and competitive ones.


Ideally, you find those words in tools like Semrush or Ahrefs due to their accuracy.




Search Engine Optimization can take more than 8 months. Because SEO is a long-term project, making mistakes on SEO equals to several wasted months. What if we could ensure the success of our strategy?


Top SEO agencies take care of your website by using verified methods to make it work. With a proven track record of success, these services can save you more money and time.


However, the most common reason people fail at this is giving up at the third or fourth month. Why? Because it is not giving any positive results. As supposed, agencies can do nothing about impatience.


The best way to do it is by having an excellent offer. Knowing that people will want to purchase, we can tolerate bigger expenses upfront. Acquiring customers at a higher price usually works to get rid of the competition. Nonetheless, this is only recommended if the business has proven results.


It is better not doing SEO than having a reduced budget.




Overall, this practice is always beneficial. Some people can't afford it; others can't afford not doing it.


Luckily, there is a way to boost its effectivity. Having an audience who follows your content is a shortcut to grow faster. All we have to do is redirect them from social media platforms to our site.


On top of that, these visitors will create more engagement with the content because they know and admire you. Once again, building a following is another long-term project. When talking about small businesses, chances are they don't have a community yet.


However, there are always agencies and influencers willing to help and grow your business.

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