How to Optimize Your Website: Start a Blog
Written by
Hope Murphy
May 2019
Written by
Hope Murphy
May 2019

Readers Request: Blogging for Business

By Hope Murphy

I have received several email inquiries from readers asking me if I thought their business would benefit from blogging.  I tried to personally answer each one, but I thought I would go ahead and cover it here.  I will be adding more business related content in time to address those particular reader's needs, so continue to check back.



Optimize Your Website: Start a Business Blog

By Hope Murphy

Reach More Customers by Giving Them What They Really Want

Customers want your products and services. However in 2019, they also want their problems solved. They want to be entertained. They also want a reason to keep coming back.

You are going to give your customers everything they want in the form of a blog post and I am going to tell you how.


Why do I need a blog?

You have a website based around your business and its products…BUT it’s just an online store or one big advertorial. While you do want to show case your products and services, you are missing some serious marketing opportunities.

By creating a blog with compelling content, you will increase your customer reach and cash in on the chance to engage with them.  Give your customers something to talk about.  Get your customers interacting with each other by allowing comments.  Below, I will explain the kind of content you should be creating for your business blog.

Ok, I get it but…

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