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  • Organise Your Database with Customer Data Platform
Organise Your Database with Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that organizes persistent customer database and is accessible by other systems, and marketing efforts.

How it Works?

Customer Data Platform build customer profiles by integrating data from a variety of first, second and third party sources. It also includes CRM, transactional systems, email, social media activity, website and e-commerce and more, where customer data is information consumers leave behind as they interact with companies online and offline through internet.

Difference between CDP and CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

They both collect customer data and provide value to your organization. But, CDP creates unified customer profiles with data that gathered by online and offline channels while CRM only tracks customer’s intentional interactions with any organization via manual entry.

Benefits of Using CDP:

  1. CDPs collect data directly from the audience to collect the most accurate information.
  2. CDPs can help you manage your customer relationships and market with your audience effectively.
  3. CDPs unify multi- and cross-channel marketing efforts by providing accurate data.

Hence, CDP provide accuracy in data that we always need to inspire our business.



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