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My friend is a great writer but short on time, more so than the average writer. Sridhar Shankar writes short stories in assorted genres, after his full schedule as doctor, university teacher, and a family man. 

I've happily helped Sri get his stories out there because they are so wonderfully written and they deserve to be read - in a sense, I feel his accomplishment as something I am also proud of. Already his new book has five star review, though he has no time to properly market the book. I am hoping that word of mouth will help spread the word about these heart-pulling stories. 


June 13, 2019

Verified Purchase

Format: Kindle Edition

Sri has an incredible way with words and knows how to make me turn pages. Near the bottoms of the pages, I found I needed to cover the words so I couldn’t read ahead— startlingly real, jarring circumstances shocking my senses. Sri took me on a rollercoaster of emotions while I was seated at home safely. Very enjoyable. It’s as if Sri has followed me through some of the tightest times in my life, and written about them afterwards. Thanks for this. Cannot put this book down!

I hope some women here will grab a copy - you won't be disappointed, the stories are warm hearted, some scary, others romantic, and all place the reader eye to eye with the characters.

Keep reading - Keep writing! 

Read more about Sri and his book here: 


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