Challenge Yourself! Courageously Face Your Fears!
Written by
Robin Verwest
June 2019
Written by
Robin Verwest
June 2019

I encourage you to do something a little bit scary each day, something that stretches your comfort zone and the boundaries that you have placed upon yourself. This daily practice expands your threshold of what you can deal with and frees you to embody new perceptions. When we throw those outdated limitations outside our boundaries, our boundary expands, and we no longer confine ourselves within a limited definition of self. When you take courage to step into your fears you begin your evolution and healing process.

For me going out surfing, often alone at dawn, is a challenge that I rise to and relish. Ocean conditions differ each day and at twilight, it is often difficult to see what I am getting myself into when I paddle out, but I love testing myself and it makes me feel alive. However here in London, I am finding other challenges to rise to. Recently I did a first for me, something requiring boldness on my part, which confronted my perceptions of self, something I had previously never considered doing. Having been brought up to be ashamed of my body, for me it was a huge leap to do my first life modelling session: I was the model on this occasion, not one of the artists. Feeling somewhat anxious beforehand about what I had let myself in for, I imagined it might be like dropping into a big wave: instead, surprisingly calm and collected, I found it was more like meditating with my eyes open. I even got a round of applause at the end and was booked in for another session!

Often what we worry or think something will be, is far worse than the reality of what is. So, instead of putting your energy into what you assume something will be, put your energy into actually doing it and then decide for yourself.

I constantly challenge misconceptions I have held my entire life, often based on the sentiments of others, that I had wrongly taken on as fact, and had integrated into my beliefs about myself, my abilities and life. Now, having the freedom to challenge these limiting beliefs and choose for myself, I commonly discover that they are no longer true for me, if ever they were. With these realisations, I grow and evolve into who I was always meant to be. Having spent my life trying not to draw attention to myself, lest others see what I mistakenly believed I was, I tried to stay small. Now no longer feeling the need to stay small: I am ready to live life LARGE! 

My wish is to inspire you to do the same... to follow your heart and your passions fearlessly!❤️ 


As Amelia Earhart said: “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do.”


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