New Marketing Trends 2019
Written by
Helen Bradford
June 2019
Written by
Helen Bradford
June 2019

Marketing trends are changing on a regular basis, which is why a conscientious entrepreneur needs to learn how to keep track of these changes and constantly reinvent ways of including them into their digital marketing strategy. Speaking of which, 2019 is expected to be big when it comes to five particular digital marketing trends. All of these trends, when applied properly, can affect the cost-effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy in a positive way. The reason why this is so important is due to the fact that the Australian online businesses are expected to see a 15.1 percent growth in revenue and with the right approach, this rate can improve even further. Here are these five strategies, as well as a thing or two that you need to know about them.

1.Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing may not be a completely new trend, yet, there are several reasons why this kind of marketing is expected to evolve in the near future. First of all, when it came to the formation of digital marketing budget, as many as 39 percent of businesses planned to increase their influencer marketing budget for 2018. Fast forward to 2019 and as many as 65 percent of digital marketers plan to do the same. Now, in the past, influencer marketing took place in many forms and format yet, nowadays, it is well-known that two out of three effective influencer posts are video. As for the platforms in question, this mostly takes place on YouTube and Instagram (posts, videos and story).

The most important difference when it comes to influencer marketing change in 2019 is the scale of influencers that are going to get lucrative employment in the nearest future. Namely, in the past, there was a major division to macro influencers (1 million followers and more) and micro influencers (people with 10,000 to 500,000 influencers). Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the flaw in this categorization and are planning to introduce a more nuanced system. This kind of system will divide influencers into mega, macro, mid-tier, micro and Nano influencers, based on the number of followers and social media influence.

2.Live Streaming

In general, there are four major ways for you to use livestream marketing in order to gain attention and authority with your audience. The first one is to make tours of your premises, thus demonstrating the quality and skill that goes into your production process. Naturally, you don’t have to reveal any parts you don’t want to. Second, you can get to introduce others to your company this way. Important announcements can also be made this way, especially if you use social networks that notify your followers about your livestream beginning.

3.Combination of traditional and digital

While some still argue whether digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing, there are those who don’t see a single reason why combining them would be a bad idea. First of all, it would allow you to promote your business in a simple and organic manner, as well as remind everyone in the analog world that you have an online presence, as well. This also gives amazing local results, seeing as how an NSW enterprise could contact a manufacturer of building wraps in Sydney in order to organically spread their brand awareness. The same goes the other way around (digital-to-analog) as well, seeing as how a large number of local mobile searches leads to increased offline sales.


One of the biggest advancements in the field of chatbots is the fact that A) a lot of people can’t tell a difference between a bot and a real person and B) a lot of them don’t really care. This is supported by the fact that at least 27 percent of people are ready to buy from a chatbot, while 13 percent of them already did so. In the future, this Turing test will be even harder to pass.

The biggest challenges of chatbots are the fact that there are still some shortcomings. First of all, the single biggest problem, as seen by some people, is the fact that a chatbot actively keeps you away from talking to a real person. The second one is the fact that it offers too many unhelpful responses and the third one is that it just redirects one to self-serve FAQs, when one clearly wants some outside assistance. Fortunately, with the innovation in the field of chatbot AI, this problem will become a lot easier to resolve.

5.Guerilla marketing

Previously, we’ve already talked about the use of traditional marketing to boost your online presence and in the era of social media networks, the simplest way to achieve this is through guerilla marketing. The way in which this works is fairly simple. When creating a piece of street art, what you need to figure out is the way of making it tag-friendly. This way, people will take pictures of it and post it on their own social media profiles but tag your business. This will help spread the word of your business to their friends and followers. Other than this, the use of hashtags with your brand name benefits you in a similar fashion.

In conclusion

The most important thing about your marketing strategy is the fact that it has to be adjustable in order to be relevant and the above-listed five examples are a perfect example of how and why. Just because, up until now, you’ve failed to implement a new strategy, it doesn’t mean that this kind of behavior is going to be acceptable or advised in the future. Therefore, you need to readjust your budget, include new methods into your marketing strategy or simply allocate more resources to some of the afore-used techniques.

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