• True Story: I Dreamed Last Night
True Story: I Dreamed Last Night
Written by
June 2019
Written by
June 2019

There was me, these two big bullies...well...not so big in stature, but big in attitude, pushing around a chemist and a secretarial type typist. Several others were present in this dream as well. One was a friend. Another a cousin. And the rest co-workers.

I don’t know how it all got started but somebody supposedly hid the chemist’s pencil, and right shoe. I wasn’t there at the time, so I had no idea who. All I know is I walked in the building and everybody got to looking at me.

The team lead looked over and asked, more like barked, “so where’s the shoe...and pencil?”

“What shoe...and what pencil,” I felt obligated to ask, since everybody was looking my way.

“The one on your foot, and that thing in your hand,” someone inserted, apparently seeing it a fine time for a joke.

That thing in my hand wasn’t nothing to fool around with, and neither was that shoe on my foot, which was beside the main point. It wasn’t a pencil in my hand either.

At any rate and all the same, that thing in my hand held enough interest to bring the crowd forward, looking... inspecting... gawking... and wondering what was going to happen next.

This team lead, and its supporting co-hort needed to be dealt with once and for all. They always did stuff like this. Accusing people of things ad nauseam and at random. Minutes before I walked in they accused my friend...6-feet tall and 400 pounds... of turning out the lights when the lights were clearly on. My cousin too...4-feet tall but 600 pounds... was accused of burning the place down, when wasn’t a bit of smoke nowhere to be found. 

But the chemist knew what was up, and so did the typist, for it was the typist taking notes the entire time. Everyone involved was ready to go when the animosity dialed up an extra notch and the fight got on. All hell broke loose in that place. 

So, who won the fight?

The audience. Of course, AUDIENCE always wins.

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