Top tricks will make your videos more enjoyable

iMovie allows you to add effects to your videos while editing. Use iMovie for Windows 10 to add effects to your video and make it awesome. Now you can download iMovie for Windows for free.

         However, most users do not have a clue about the iMovie effects feature. Here you can find the top 8 iMovie effects and tricks. Set the desired tone for your video clip with any of the unique effects in iMovie for Windows described below.

         1. External Microphones

         A great video should have good sound. The only reason you might need this iMovie effect is to move to a professional level from an amateur one. You will find out that the sound recorded for the video by cameras is always of poor quality, therefore you'll need to think of a way to improve the audio for the video to turn out well. To do this, use the effect of external microphones because, without a good sound, your video will not be of high quality.

         2. Dolly Zoom

         This iMovie effect is widely used when shooting in motion but with the possibility of re-creating it in iMovie. Many operators like it since the audience prefer when the subject is always in front of them and fixed continuously, while the background continually changes its scale for clarity. When zooming, the camera should move backwards at speed synchronized between the zoom and the subject.

         3. Green/blue Screens

           This iMovie effect allows you to shoot your video in many places, without much carping about the shooting location. It includes the use of a colour screen and mirrors, as well as smoke, to create beautiful scenes in the video. With this effect, you can force a person to fly or even get into an accident that didn’t happen. It works by cutting out one colour and rendering it transparent, which thus makes it easy to replace the image where it is needed.

         4. “Steadycam”

         The main goal of this iMovie effect is to get stable shots, which makes the video more professional. It has certain limitations – it cannot remove all artefacts when used in iMovie to get a more professional perception of the video. The main advantage of this effect is the ability to track objects anywhere. You can use expensive and cheap "Steadycam" cameras – all depending on your needs. The result is good for smoothing sharp shots in the video.

         5. Built-in effects

         Most of the material captured by the cameras will be well balanced in colour, brightness and contrast. However, this may change when editing, and in this case, iMovie will help you. It has many built-in effects, such as transitions, that you can use to improve the quality of your video to meet your expectations.

         6. Cutaway Shots

         Cutaway Shots effect is one of the best in iMovie for PC that few people know about. They can improve the quality of videos. This effect changes the captured shots to eliminate the monotony of the same scene, shown for a long time. They are shot from various angles, which makes the video exciting if they are correctly made.

         7. Sync with music

         This iMovie effect allows you to create a beautiful intro scene for a movie. You cannot underestimate the importance of music for any video, so you should always consider this effect first. When using it to create an opening scene, the music will help to create the right mood and tone as well as make people more interested in watching it to the end. You should repeat this effect in your video as soon as iMovie is at your disposal.

         8. Split Edit

         This iMovie effect is used to synchronize the audio track between two clips, which were edited separately from each other and then merged into one. When used in iMovie, the Split Edit effect helps improve shot quality and achieve flexibility. You will need to select an audio track according to the scenes. With professional editing software such as iMovie, you can easily use Split Edit, and it will not take long.


         Each person seeks to capture the bright moments of his life. Video in this regard is a perfect solution. The shot movie has the opportunity to convey and even re-present the emotions we experienced earlier. And if at the same time the video is also qualitatively assembled, then it can bring additional positive energy. It is what iMovie was developed for. You can use the video editor on Apple gadgets or download iMovie for Windows 10 if you prefer to edit videos on PC.

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