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This blog was featured on 07/12/2019
5 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Book Over Summer Vacation
Written by
She Writes
July 2019
Written by
She Writes
July 2019

While sitting down and writing your book can sometimes feel like a struggle, you have to get it done at some point, right? To inspire your next writing session, here are five reasons to take advantage of the long summer months to finally finish your manuscript.

People Watching

Summertime means traveling and interacting with new people. Whether you're traveling far from home or planning a staycation in your own neighborhood, the summer is a great time to experience new surroundings. People watching at the beach, the mall, a theme park, etc. can bring great inspiration for your own characters' physical and personality traits. 

Busy Kids =  Writing Time

If you're a working mother, you know that summers can be grueling while your kids aren't in school. Signing your children up for summer camp, play dates or even taking them to the pool for the afternoon opens up free time in your own schedule to write. So take advantage while the kids are busy and get to writing! 

Locations That Inspire 

Know the setting of your story? Summer is the perfect time to travel to that location–or a place like it–and gather inspiration. Writing always feels more real and organic when the writer knows the setting well so use this as an opportunity to research your book. 

More Sunshine

Unlike winter, the summer provides us with a little extra sunshine every day. If you're the kind of writer who enjoys writing while the sun's still out, the summer months give you that much more time to sit down and get your writing done. Let the extra sunshine brighten your day and inspire your story.

The Heat 

While summertime means more time to write while the sun's up, the heat also provides an excuse to stay inside and avoid the excessive summer heat. If you're in a warm climate and dread having to go outside to do anything, you now have the perfect excuse to stay in an air-conditioned space and do nothing but write. 

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