met her yesterday in a studio space.  a possibility for me if I have to leave bala.

anyhow the point is I like her stuff and handy recipes. she makes string from nettles and now I know how.

he makes twiggy bits from briars, a tin lid with holes to deduct the thorns, and now I now how too.

emotional day yesterday.  friday club  fit in their new venue, only not physically. we used to

meet at the quarry cafe.  it has closed  so we go to celtica, light windowed with golden pillars.

made peace with cate

home to strim the grass and egg myself on with the promise of icecream

like miro, saw his stuff in barcelona in travelling days. mainly I stay in these countries, the union they call it. wales is talking of independence recently.

i am blown away by Anselm Keiffer a lot, a lot.

tea is lukewarm now, and the laptop battery is low. soap is important, i feel my mother made it so. we sniffed it on unwrapping and I was given the innner paper for drawing.

always pointed out the logo imprinted. fairy, breeze and posh days, lemon. lemon for gran at christmas. bromnley.I keep mine spares in a tin in the airing cupboard or the mice nibble.

lady on the bus told me her sister kept lots of soap and what did I think. I says she sounds like me.

we have lots of quarries here, mainly redundant or become tourist sites. zip world, bounce below, the deep mine.

deep mine, where they hung by chains to pick. where they sang at break, became the choirs.

family live at the base of the slate tip. gloddfa ganol, by llecwedd.

at mill again today. they say the prince of wales is visiting up the road soon, mallwyd. i do not care.

people swam the blue lake, a quarry hole. they left their rubbish and over years the farmer’s patience failed and he blocked the tunnel entrance.


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