• Do You Look Like A Writer?
Do You Look Like A Writer?
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July 2019
Written by
July 2019

On the outskirts of things, it really doesn't, and shouldn't, matter what you look like. But then there's that other thing, like work put into designing 'eye-catching' book covers because ...like it or not... many people do buy books based on the first thing they see... THE COVER.

At any rate, this thought came to me while watching a TV program about Janis Joplin... and after receiving a nudge by a casual observer pointing out something I hadn't paid much attention to before. During the telling of Janis Joplin's story, one of the narrators talked about how Janis changed her look... to look more like the rock stars of that time. This observation was similar to the nudge I got. Once upon a time I used to wear the bad heels and black suits. Today I rock hats, twists and attire often fashioned from the first piece of fabric I touch in the morning. While I can't speak for Janis, I can speak for myself. I'm not trying to dress or look like an artist...or writer.

And no, none of this is a big deal. I happen to be a staunch believer that content rules. It's like the time a professor got to telling his class how, for a period of time, after getting fed up with life he used to sleep on park benches. Let me tell you, it changed my perception of anyone I saw holding signs and sleeping on streets ever since.

As writers, and aspiring authors, we really must stay focused on helping potential audiences get beyond whether or not we look like writers, or even judging books by the cover. Now, I won't go as far as to promote stripping covers from books, or perhaps stripping authors down to taking portraits in our birthday suits, but do raise the question to keep focused on what really matters.

Rhonda Y.C. Johnson

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