Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

As a yoga teacher, I often get the same questions about what yoga is and how to practice. Here are my most common questions and answers about yoga.

Is Yoga a form of religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a 5,000-year-old science. Students at a yoga studio learn to find a feeling of inner spiritual peace (non-religious), strength and flexibility, which is useful to bring balance, joy, and health to everyday life.

Will Yoga help me to manage stress and Tension?

One of the fundamental aspects of the Studio is its emphasis on the development of a deep, complete breath.  This has a direct calming effect on the nervous system and helps to release tension within the mind and body.

What if I am not fit or flexible? 

At s Yoga Studio we encourage students to begin where they are. The health benefits of Yoga practice are immediate. Students learn to accept and appreciate their body where it is now, with the new knowlege that Yoga is a journey, not a means to an end. Everyone has a beautiful body and mind to explore, expand, and heal though compassionate, skilled teaching.

Can I do Yoga during pregnancy ?

Yoga enhances pregnancy, and allows a mother to commune and connect with baby before they even meet.  Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling your baby move due to a richly oxygenated blood flow.   A Basic Yoga Level 1 class is a safe place to start.  Always check with your doctor to receive his/her full support before beginning any physical program.

How will I benefit from yoga? 

Yoga's greatest effect is on the mind. As a result of your practice at the Studio, you will experience greater calm and balance in your daily life. Yoga is a complete health maintenance program for the body and mind. A Yoga practice has the ability to help you tone and lengthen muscles, lose weight, relieve back pain, improve circulation, purify your internal organs, improve and regulate hormone production, and reduce stress. Thus, improving the workings of the body as a whole.

How often should I practice Yoga?

I recommend a daily practice.  As little as 5 to 10 minutes a day has a huge impact on the quality of life. I encourage students to come into the Studio to practice with fellow Yogis and a qualified instructor as much as possible.  Then take the skills you learn home with you to practice when away form the studio.

Are your Teachers Certified? 

Our teachers are registered through the Yoga Alliance, which is the highest internationally recognized board.  We are also a teaching venue,  and are proud to host Clearlight Yoga Shala, Registered Yoga School, (RYS).

When can I start? 

You may start today. Students in good physical health who are used to getting hot and elevating the heart rate will enjoy a Vinyasa Yoga classes.  Students of all fitness levels with the desire for a moderately paced Yoga for stress reduction and relaxation will enjoy our Basic Yoga Level I classes.  A Basic Yoga Level II class is a perfect blend of relaxation and a slow-flow of asanas or yoga postures that encourage strength and flexibility. Come barefoot, and wear comfortable exercise clothing.

If you are brand new to yoga I recommend you check out this beginners guide to yoga.

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