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How to Spice Up Your Book Launch Party for Free
Written by
Maria Murnane
July 2019
Written by
Maria Murnane
July 2019

When my novel Chocolate for Two came out, I threw launch parties in New York, where I live, and Silicon Valley, where I grew up. For fun I teamed up with a chocolate company called Mission Blue Confections that was open to clever marketing opportunities. They agreed to provide a small box of chocolates with the purchase of each signed copy of my book. They even included the book jacket on each box AND provided a display of sample chocolates for everyone to try, a classy touch that not only looked beautiful but also got a lot of people tasting their product, even those who attended the party didn’t buy a copy of my book. (Their pretty display also included some marketing postcards about the company, which several attendees took.)

For my Silicon Valley launch party, which also featured the chocolates, the manager of the venue (a bar) agreed to make a special chocolate-flavored cocktail and offer it for a special price in celebration of the event. This cost me nothing, but my guests loved it.

A former coworker of mine was my contact at the chocolate company. Who in your network might be in a position to spice up your book event? It might seem complicated, but I promise it’s not. Using Facebook and LinkedIn, I bet you can find someone to help you. Like much of book marketing, launch parties are all about taking the initiative and being resourceful.


Maria Murnane writes bestselling novels about life, love and friendship. Have questions? You can find her at

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  • I LOVE your recommendations! I think I will try the chocolate idea when I have my next book launch, because an artisanal chocolatier is next door to a bookstore I love. For my last book launch (for Things Unsaid), I had it at a winetasting room, where I was a wine club member. Had a great turnout and gave away some bottles of wine with a raffle ticket (for everyone who bought a book which I signed). For all attendees, they received one glass of wine for coming to support me!

  • Tessa Floreano

    Seems this is a good lesson in finding something in your book that has a wide appeal for small touches, like a chocolate or cocktail tie-in. Thanks for sharing.