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  • Is Digital Marketing the Right Choice for MBA Graduates?
Is Digital Marketing the Right Choice for MBA Graduates?
Written by
Della Moris
July 2019
Written by
Della Moris
July 2019

Currently, the world is going gaga over Digital Marketing and there are plenty of reasons why. The various digital channels like search engines and social Medias have become business’s favourite breeding ground when it comes to bolstering their presence and reaching out to more people.  As more and more businesses are soaking their feet into the waters of digital media, it presents enormous opportunity for a prosperous career in Digital Marketing.

Similar to the IT boom, Digital Marketing has created similar impact when it comes to employment. In fact, all the stats and graphs are clearly indicating towards a lucrative Digital Marketing career. According to reports, there would be more than 1 million job opportunities in this field in India.

Digital is still a new thing. Although, it has tremendous potential, things can go wrong real quick if the application is not correct. The Digital Marketing agencies understood this few years back. As a result, even though the requirements are constantly increasing, companies are now hiring people catering to certain skill sets. And this is where Digital Marketing became the numero uno choice for people coming from marketing backgrounds.

Digital Marketing can be an extremely good option for MBA graduates:

  • A Marketing Mindset – This is something which helps an MBA graduate to score over others. Be it Porter’s Five Forces or the 7Ps, an MBA graduate has a holistic understanding of the principles of marketing. Yes, one can argue that there are different types of marketing but the overall fundaments remain the same. An MBA graduate, who has a fair bit of marketing knowledge, can easily combine that with digital domain. On the other hand, professionals belonging to other fields lack this mindset. This is why agencies prefer people having a marketing background as they are relatively easier to train.
  • A Strong Base – The best part of Digital Marketing is that it caters to different fields. Walk into any agency and you will find out people belonging to diverse fields working on a particular project. In Digital Marketing, one who has a clear understanding of the domain will definitely excel. Under these circumstances, ORM may sound like a rocket science to others but it is nothing new for an MBA graduate because he or she has already dealt with similar terms in their MBA course. So, they can adapt real quick.
  • Application – Marketing is a combination of both art and science. There are very few things which are constant. This is what differentiates a good marketer from just another marketer. At times, you need to back your instincts and take a different route to achieve success. This is only possible if you have a fair marketing knowledge. Thus, it is tailor-made for someone coming from an MBA background.
  • Analytical Knowledge – One of the biggest USPs of Digital Marketing is its measurability. While, it is almost impossible to deduce how many people have visited your store seeing a newspaper ad, you can simply get to know how many people have visited your site from social media. This is where stats, analytics, and data play a crucial role in this field. When it comes to analytics then no one is better than an MBA guy. This is because a vast majority of the MBA syllabus is dedicated towards data interpretation. 

MBA and Digital Marketing

There is no denying the fact that the MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees. An MBA degree can certainly bolster your CV and help you to stand apart from the rest. 

So, if looking for a prosperous Digital Marketing career then an MBA degree can certainly help you out. Now, the problem is that there are so many MBA graduates and the competition is very fierce. This is where a Digital Marketing course can act as a stepping stone for a lucrative career in this field.

A Digital Marketing course consists of different elements, theories, and tools required in online marketing.

Learn more about Digital Marketing by enrolling in an online course. You will get a certificate upon completion of the course, which will further enrich your resume.

MBA and a Digital Marketing certificate – there is no stopping you now.

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