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This blog was featured on 11/27/2019
An Exclusive Interview with Carole Bumpus
Written by
She Writes
July 2019
Written by
She Writes
July 2019

A retired family therapist, Carole Bumpus began writing about food and travel when she stumbled upon the amazing stories of women and war in France. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area but has traveled extensively through France and Italy, where she has interviewed more than seventy-five families to date for her food and travel blogs. Her historical novel A Cup of Redemption was published October 2014, and her unique companion cookbook, Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook to A Cup of Redemption, was released August 2015. She has also had three short stories published in the Fault Zone anthologies: Words from the Edge, Stepping up to the Edge, and Over the Edge. Visit her website at: CaroleBumpus.com.

Share your writing routine.  

I sit down at the computer by 10 a.m. most mornings, but I have been focusing on the re-writing of my up-coming book (due out August 27th), plus the next two books in the series.  It is writing, but with a past.

What’s the first/worst job you ever had? 

De-tasseling corn when I was thirteen growing up in Nebraska.  The corn kept growing taller and I was forced to become a human pogo stick to reach the tassels or lose my job.  I lasted a week.

Describe your writing style. 

Personal, with heart and with passion.

What is the first thing you can remember writing? 

A short personal essay for a writing class I was attending called, “If Women Were Allowed to Speak.”  The essay was called, “Pottery”.

When did you start to feel like a writer? 

Once I was first published by She Writes Press in 2014 with my historical novel called, A Cup of Redemption.

Was there something about the publishing experience that surprised you? 

How much work is involved, and one of the most difficult parts of being published is not writing the book, but learning about the need for public relations necessary for success in the outside world.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

Prepare yourself for getting your ‘master’s degree’ in writing, editing, publishing and public relations—all four of those entities, are necessary for the success of your book(s).

What do you do to help develop your craft? 

I continually take classes on craft and I also teach classes on craft.  The more I teach, the more I learn to further develop my own writing.

Why is it important for women to share their stories? 

We have been silenced long enough!  And, our stories are equal to or even more important to the world’s understanding of human nature.

What’s your favorite way to support other women writers? 

Buy, and read their books!  Then, review them on Amazon.

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