Week Of Wellness - 7 Days Of Self Care Ideas
Written by
Mianna Korben
July 2019
Written by
Mianna Korben
July 2019

Taking care of our well-being should be a priority, even though many people do not find the time. Simply, there is always something else to do. Personal wellness should be given the importance it deserves as it will help you lead a happy and healthy life. Every day of the week is a perfect opportunity to practice at least one activity that will satisfy your body, mind, and soul. These activities are considered as a form of self-love and self-care so find at least one hour a day to practice one of them. In no time you will embrace these habits and better your mental health and reinvigorate your body.


To fully enjoy a week of wellness, start by following our suggestions.


Monday - Spa Day at Home

The best way to start the week right is to have a pampering spa day at home. Start by relaxing in a hot bubble bath while listening to your favorite music. After 15 minutes of soaking in a silky bath, give yourself a whole-body scrub. You can do it with a simple DIY sugar scrub (just mix honey and sugar). Afterward, towel yourself dry and proceed to give your hair and face a treat. Apply a moisturizing hair mask that will deeply moisturize and replenish your hair. When it comes to your face, put on a hydrating collagen sheet mask that will leave your skin glowing. Finish this sweet spa session by spoiling your skin and feet with a hydrating moisturizer and a soothing foot cream. Add a dash of perfume and you are ready to enjoy the rest of your day.


Tuesday - Exercise

Move your body vigorously at least three times a week for an hour. There are 168 hours in a week, and you only need three hours each week to pump up the levels of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

Physical exercise will help you relieve stress, improve memory, you’ll sleep better, and it will boost your overall mood. For newbie fitness enthusiasts try pilates for beginners or any other group fitness activity. You will be motivated by your peers to try harder and attend every class. Fitness veterans or people who are used to exercising a few times a week can spice things up by picking an alternate activity to their usual routine.

Try cycling instead of a treadmill, or try a class of cross-fit instead of your usual gym session. Diet and exercise go hand in hand so make sure you pay attention to what you eat. All in all, exercise is the best form of self-care and it should be high on your every day to-do list. 


Wednesday - Bake Yourself a Treat

Middle of the week is ideal for spending time creatively in the kitchen. Homemade treats instantly remind us of our childhood and bring back some sweet memories. Baking for fun is a thrilling activity and the results are even sweeter. Carving out a bit of time to bake yourself a treat can also have a positive effect on your health as you will find the time to cook something healthy (or maybe chocolatey and sweet). 


Thursday - Health Care Day

Health care is the best form of self-care. Our health is the most valuable thing and it must be a priority. By   YOU and your health, you will practice the best form of self-care. So, do health check-ups regularly. Health exams should be part of your regular routine and you should pay a visit to your GP, gynecologist, and your dentist.

The last check-up is always low on our lists as we tend to visit our dentist only in case of emergencies. This is probably due to the fact that many people have dental anxiety. However, it should not be this way. A reliable dental professional like those at Penrith Dental Clinic will check your teeth for cavities, plaque, and tartar on your teeth. Professionals will suggest proper treatment and solutions if needed, and keep your smile in check until your next regular check-up. By keeping on top of your dental cleanings and checkups you’re doing yourself a big favor in the long run.


Friday - Have a movie marathon

Friday evening after work would be the best time to relax after a long week and enjoy a good old movie marathon. Now’s the time to catch up with some new releases or just enjoy your favorite feel-good movies. Learning how to stop thinking about work once the work hours are over is a task everyone should master. It is also part of your self-care routine so snuggle up in your favorite blanket and press play and forget about work. This is also a perfect idea for a group activity, so why not invite some friends over for a horror movie marathon? If you are too scared to watch horror movies alone, you can do it with a bunch of friends who’ll be your support system once the scenes get scary.


Saturday - It’s time to get creative

Being immersed in a creative project can have an almost therapeutic effect on your wellbeing. Saturdays are just perfect for a creative project because you don’t have to wake up early and you’ll have enough time for it. If you already have a hobby you are good at but can’t seem to find the time to do it, now's the time. Once again, there are 168 hours a week and your hobby might require just 2 hours of your time. Sketching, coloring, sewing, gardening or any other hobby will elevate your mood, alleviate anxiety, boost brain function, increase immune health and generally make you happier. Doing art is not the only way to be creative. Anyone can be creative in their own way, they just need to find the perfect activity. Losing yourself to an activity will have a positive effect on the levels of stress like meditation does, as well as journaling, etc.


Sunday - Meditate

Sundays are the time to slow down a bit and get yourself ready for the upcoming week. The last wellness activity should be to meditate, journal or anything else that helps you reach that zen state of mind. Meditation is an ideal activity for the long-overdue “me time”. If you are new to this concept, start by doing a 10-minute meditation to clear your thoughts, ease the pent up tension and release the stress. Just sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, breathe naturally. Focus your attention to the rhythm of your breath and try to relax every muscle with each breath. After a while, you’ll get used to it and try meditating for longer periods of time and maybe even in different settings. You’ll see how much calmer, relaxed and less stressed you are after a mindful meditation session.


Now you have a week’s worth of activities you can do to perfectly take care of your wellbeing and practice self-care every day. The list of activities can go on and on and these are just some of the suggestions. Pick the ones that suit you, and change those that are not your cup of tea. It is important to find the time to indulge in an everyday activity that will serve as a mental or physical reset. We all need some TLC after a long day so why not find those that create a little bit of love and attention to your own body, mind, and soul. Once you start practicing this week of wellness, you will be much happier and less stressed as you’ve finally decided to take care of your wellbeing. 

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