• How Do You Measure Success?
How Do You Measure Success?
Written by
August 2019
Preparing to Publish
Written by
August 2019
Preparing to Publish

I know. I know.

This question has been dragged through mud, over concrete, beneath spotlights and at this point must be beaten, worn, tired and thoroughly dried out. In other words, there is no juice left in this question...and yet, here I go asking.

Since success cannot be measured by one act, given life is a journey of ups and downs, is why I ask, "how do you measure success?"

I measure success by adding up all of my successes; i.e., published work, finished work, books sold... and read, plus signings, accolades, monetary awards, jobs, careers, relationships, age, children, travels and so forth and so on... and multiply those specifics by each of my failures, to include criticisms, disingenuous advice, assistance that goes nowhere... and then put those narratives under a magnifying glass, inside a measuring cup, and pour it back into my writing.

Now, I ask you, how do you measure success?

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    I don't know that I've quite figured it out yet. I'm not published. I've never contributed to anything but my journal. I've only just begun the writer's journey, and I still don't even consider myself a writer. However, I keep a scene from a movie in mind. One character tells the other that the talent of her friend makes her want to burn her notebook. That's usually how I feel. I see others as so talented and my writing endeavors seem pointless. The other character replies it's just about reaching your level. So, I guess, for right now I just want to reach my level...whatever that means to me.