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8 Software Programs for Writers
Written by
She Writes
August 2019
Written by
She Writes
August 2019

What if there were programs that could make your writing process easier? Luckily, there are and with these eight software programs and apps for writers, you'll be able to breeze through the next step in your creative process. 


ProWritingAid is a great tool for writers who are looking for help with their grammar and writing style. By comparing your writing to the writing of other well-known authors in your genre, it provides users with great tips that will help improve your story overall. A writing mentor and proofreader all in one. You can download the app to your existing Chrome browser for free or buy their premium version.


If you're a pantser, you'll love Scrivener. Sometimes you have a brilliant idea for your book but don't know where it fits yet. With Scrivener, this software allows you to get all of your ideas down in one place and later organize them into the perfect story. This software provides tools to start your writing and keep you writing. You can download a free trial of Scrivener before purchasing.  


Fiction writers love this software. With scene by scene evaluations, visual story arc tools and expert editing advice, Fictionary will push your fiction writing to the next level. By the time you've navigated Fictionary's tools, you'll have an improved manuscript that you can easily export and start sending around to editors and beta readers. This software gives writers a free 14-day trial to ensure you love it before buying the story editor. 


Every writer gets distracted while writing–it's pretty unavoidable. This app gets you on the path to distraction-free writing by determining what apps and websites you want to block on your devices, for how long and the time in which you'd like to start writing. This software can be applied to all of your devices including smartphones, tablets and computers/laptops. This program allows you to try it for free or buy the premium version. 


Everyone knows that a book's cover is majorly important. But what about the interior pages of your book? Vellum is a program dedicated to making the pages within your book absolutely spectacular. Made for both print and electronic books, the possibilities with Vellum are endless. This tool is also great for creating advanced reader copies, assembling box sets for series and upping your book sales by connecting you to readers. While Vellum is free to download, you're given two options for paid plans: unlimited Ebooks ($199.99) and unlimited Ebooks and paperbacks ($249.99). 


If you write historical fiction, nonfiction or another genre that requires research, you'll love Airstory. This intuitive app allows you to easily incorporate research into your manuscript. This application works best for writers who work online within their Google Chrome or Firefox browser and also helps with the creation of blog posts, newsletters, essays and more. This app is free to download and add to your internet browser of choice.  

Hemingway App

Any writer will tell you that when you're in the zone and getting your story onto the page, it's easy to forget about proper sentence structure and writing well. With the help of Hemingway App, you can now revisit your writing and edit quickly. Using a colorful highlighting system, each color used alludes to an issue with the writing (i.e. a sentence highlighted yellow means it's too lengthy and needs to be shortened or split). Whether you use the on-site editing feature or download the desktop app, Hemingway App makes editing easy.


We previously mentioned the importance of a good book cover and with Canva, the DIY possibilities are neverending. This online design program makes designing easy. If you're afraid to approach Photoshop or InDesign, you'll find great joy in Canva. With templates, a long list of fonts, stock images and design elements, you can spend hours picking out what you think would make your book stand out. The free version of this application provides a plethora of resources but the Pro version gives amateur designers even more options for under $20/month. 

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    I've been using Canva for a while now, sometimes along with other programs like GIMP, and it's been a great tool! Definitely something worth making use of!