Written by
SJ Lee
August 2019
Written by
SJ Lee
August 2019

She gently ran her hands over the shimmering fabric, an elaborate floral pattern with gold trim.  Her morning head covering ritual never ceased to bring her joy.  This morning was no different.  Taking a deep breath she drank in the moment.  She picked up the fabric and spread it out before her face.  The breeze caught it, and the gold glistened in the sunshine creeping through her bedroom window.  

She was ready to begin.

She draped her covering over her neatly pinned curly locks.  A clip here and a clip there to hold it in place.  A knot tied in the back to hold things steady.  Wrap a corner here and another corner there.

Now, it's complete.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  Drinking in her image she could not be more humbled to call herself Hebrew.

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