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August 2019
Written by
August 2019

Hello, there!

My name is Hyba, and I'm an unpublished author hoping to publish her first book soon. In this past year, I became very serious about my writing. I decided that I want to start a book and finish it - and that I want to try my best to get my work published. In that way, I went from a hobby writer to a serious author. A big part of this decision also included finding active writing communities that I could join and meeting and engaging with other writers and readers. For a long time, my search was fruitless. Many of the writing communities I found online were either completely inactive or so big that it was hard to make connections. When I found She Writes, I decided to give it a shot with hopes that I would have a better experience here!

I write in a variety of genres and enjoy experimenting with my writing quite a bit. Currently, I am working on:

  • Two fantasy novels
  • One folklore-based horror novel
  • An eerie suspense novella
  • A murder mystery
  • A collection of short stories

I'll talk about each of my projects in future articles. You might look at that list and think it's way too much. You're probably right. But it's the only way I can work and keep up my momentum - jumping from project to project, working off of bouts of inspiration and motivation. A big part of getting motivated and inspired comes from being around other writers, so I'm really excited to start interacting with writers on this platform! 

Let's be friends

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    Im new here as well and have the same intention as you. I want to write, finish, and publish a book and I am looking to connect with other writers in the hopes of growing and giving and gaining feedback.