Best British Sitcoms Everyone Must See in 2019

What you have expected to see here is the list consisting of Fawlty Towers (1075-1979), Only Fools and Horses (1981-2003), or at least a mention of the Peep Show (2003-2015). Well, we did it, we mentioned the classics of the British sitcoms; so if you are satisfied with these three names, then you can go ahead and watch them once again. However, this article is not about old-school TV shows because it is something you can find in every article about the best British sitcoms. The focus of this compilation, prepared with the help of Red Rock Entertainment film experts, lies in the new hits, new British sitcoms that you need to see if you want to keep track of the trends. All the shows on this list are the true contestants for the Best British Sitcom of 2019. So clear your schedule, get the popcorn, and welcome to the newest and most stunning British sitcoms of 2019.

Sex Education

Released at: Netflix

Years live: 2019 – nowadays

Directors: Kate Herron, Ben Taylor

If you are watching YouTube, then you have definitely seen the commercial for  Sex Education. The show tells about a high school virgin (Asa Butterfield) who is destined to live with a hot sex therapist mother (Gillian Anderson). His life already is weird but the true events begin when Maeve Wiley (Emma Macke), his schoolmate, offers to set up a clinic for students' where Otis will be giving sex advice for the students based on the knowledge he unwillingly has absorbed from his mother. This is a gold mine and Maeve gets it while the adopted knowledge Asa’s character has is not something he would be willing to share. Yet, the badass girl does the needful to drag the poor virgin into the business. And this is where the story begins. The amazing play of the actors, as well as out-of-the-ordinary plot, make this British comedy extremely up-to-date for the viewers of all ages and preferences. Some plain-sight humour and out-of-the-box thinking mixed with the tremendous writers’ work make this sitcom definitely worth its place among the best British sitcoms for you to see.

Dead Pixels

Released at: Channel 4

Years live: 2019 – present

Director: Al Campbell

As an executive producer, Garry Collins from Red Rock Entertainment has always been fascinated with the professional skills Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong have in film production. And since these Peep Show creators have laid their hand on Dead Pixels, no wonder this show is a great hit among the viewers. This sitcom is one of the most innovative and intriguing ones on this list. It blends traditional film with animation on the screen and tells the story of three friends’ obsession with a fantasy role-playing game. Whatever you remember from the World of Warcraft is doubled in the Dead Pixels; the non-trivial plot and the great play of Alexa Davies (Raised by Wolves), Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat), and Will Merrick (Skins) make this game-like fantastic comedy a state-of-the-art project where the virtual blends with the real, and the border is extremely thin.

Don't Forget the Driver

Released at: BBC Two

Years live: 2019 – present

Director: Tim Kirkby

The award-winning actor and screenwriter Toby Jones has written ad played Barry Green in the dark British sitcom comedy Don’t Forget the Driver. Since the British are famous for their deep dark humour, this comedy is definitely a must-see for the connoisseurs. This is a story of a coach driver and a single dad Barry Green who one day uncovers a Syrian refugee on his bus and whose life changes drastically after that. Don’t be surprised when you make no laugh during the first episode, it is supposed to be so to clearly define the life of Jones’ character: the unremarkably ordinary middle-aged man whose best years have already past. The sitcom leaves a pleasant aftertaste of the comedy but its embodied journalistic feeling will keep you thinking about what has just appeared on the screen. If you loved the Black Mirror that has recently released the 5th season, then this dark lifelike comedy will definitely suit you to the ground.

Besides the more detailed information about these three sitcoms, pay also attention to Breeders, Brassic, and Scarborough who will also be rivaling for the Best prize as the British Sitcom of 2019.

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