Visiting Alcatraz and What to Expect
Written by
Kishan Kundu
August 2019
Written by
Kishan Kundu
August 2019

We have all heard of the mysterious Alcatraz island. We have wondered exactly what it is, how scary it is and still speculate on if anyone that has ever tried to escape has survived. There is a lot of gossip that has always surrounded this destination and now it is available for daily touring. It used to be one of the most secure prisons ever built in the world and is known for it being impenetrable from the inside and the outside. Although there were three prisoners that did escape, there hasn't been any proof that they ever made it past the rippling waters that surround Alcatraz in a full 360 view. Anyone who tried to escape had so many obstacles to endure, it would be a miracle if they did happen to survive.


Take a Ferry to the Island


Alcatraz tours from San Francisco are a lot of fun. A lot of exotic birds are in the area so be sure to bring a camera with you to catch all of the wildlife surrounding the island. It is suggested to use the restroom before boarding a ferry as the waters are quite wavy and can make using the bathroom an unpleasant experience that you will wish you had listened and used the restroom before leaving. People complain that they are rocked around in the bathroom, making it quite uncomfortable.


It's a National Park


If you didn't know yet, when you get to the prison, you will find out that it is a national park, with one of the largest areas of birds of water that congregate in the world. This is where the birds make their nests. You definitely need a camera to capture all of the different beautiful scenes that will be displayed in front of you. You will want to have food ready to go, maybe pack a bag lunch for your trip. Possibly your tour group will provide food for you but it depends on the company you decide to go with to Alcatraz. They may have a gift shop but buying food is something you will want to have planned out in advance.


Dress Appropriately


You may find it to be quite warm outside while in San Francisco, however, Alcatraz is a completely different environment. Areas that are surrounded completely by water, are known to be much colder than larger masses of land. Alcatraz tours from San Francisco usually require bringing a light jacket with you to stay warm on the choppy ocean like bay waters. It is very wind ridden, so a scarf might even be in order depending on the season that you go. Bring a poncho as well, as rain can happen at any time. You want this to be a memorable experience, so prepare for all types of inclement weather conditions.


The Tours


Alcatraz tours from San Francisco are led by very knowledgeable staff members who are trained to give you all of the information you are seeking out. You will see behind the scenes the mystery and allure of this mysterious island. Various tours go on throughout the day by various touring companies. Use a camera to take a picture of your list so you have a way to plan your eventful day.


Shopping on The Island


you can get many different memorabilia items at Alcatraz. You can get things like pretend prison keys that used to work in the cells, you can also find different books and other memorabilia to enjoy and remember your trip.




There is an audio tour with former inmates and prison guards who used to work at Alcatraz. They will narrate the story of their lives at that jail in vivid detail for you to hear. There is a tour you can walk where the Alcatraz inmates were held while you hear the narrations of those who lived their work or real lives in this famous prison. You can feel like you are a part of this mysterious building and surrounding areas of beauty and truly immerse yourself in the past.


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