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  • Celebrate World Photography Day with Nifty Tips to Click Pictures Like A Pro
Celebrate World Photography Day with Nifty Tips to Click Pictures Like A Pro
Written by
Nidhi Singh
August 2019
Written by
Nidhi Singh
August 2019

Rogu Kingston puts the prominence of the photography in words as “A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye”. In the past, photography was interpreted as a source of entertainment or hobby, but with its booming demand, it is a significant profession and renders the photographers a position to earn more than multiple other professions.

A black wizardly instrument, the flash of light and the capturing of moments is what photography is all about. It is not just an art or hobby; it is a universal language of emotions and the ability to relish the precious moments again and again. 19th August is commemorated as World Photography Day and holds extreme value for the ones who have taken their love for photography to a professional level.

Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, and Richard Avedon are few of the photographers whose favorite toy was the camera, and the images that they clicked with it were worth gazing upon. With the advent of time, the photography got divided into multiple sections such as wildlife, portrait, landscape and countless others.

As someone truly said, "We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone", the pictures have become a substantial source of capturing the moments at major functions. Talking of important occasions, marriage is a one-time affair in almost everyone’s life and appreciated as eminent and auspicious.

 If one needs to make sure that every little cute and happy moments of their most mattering day are caught in the best way possible, the most trustworthy pre-wedding photographer in Kanpur shall be hired to do the job.

Other than event photography, the profession has multiple other types and interests people belonging to different walks of life. Here, we will brief you about the five useful tips that could make your photographs a lot better and professional-looking.

  • Play with light – Light has a vital role in making a photograph better or worse. One shall keep playing with the extent and direction of light to make a photo of the same subject look different. However, excess or absence of light in a photograph is not a good idea as it makes the subject invisible.
  • Focus the subject – Keep the main subject in the focus and the background blurry to give the photograph a more professional look and clarity. The depth of a photograph is shown with the adjustments of focus and if it is not right, the message that the picture has to offer will be unclear.
  • The Rule of thirds – Out of all the rules in photography, the rule of thirds hold the most significance as it is considered with the placement of the subject in the camera. If you are unaware of it, make use of the internet to understand the golden rule and don’t forget to apply it in your next clicks.
  • Filters and Sequence – The filters can entirely modify the composition of a picture and also influence the emotions one can feel through it. The sequences and other items are utilized by creative photographers to give the pictures a peculiar look and that seems to interest the viewers a lot.
  • Keep changing the angles – Retaining the monotony is the only crime in the rule book of photography. Pictures from a similar angle could be uninteresting to look at. Switching the directions and angles while clicking the same subject can help you get some incredible shots.

Don’t just read these tips, but practice them to capture something wonderful and captivating through your lenses.

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