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  • 9 Fresh Font Styles to Use in Your Design Projects
9 Fresh Font Styles to Use in Your Design Projects
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Jelly Shah
September 2019
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Fonts are a great way to enhance a design even with the help of text. The way each alphabet appears can add to the visual representation of the design. A good font can convey a brand’s personality easily without stealing the focus from the actual message being conveyed. Today, designers have access to a huge variety of fonts available which can be used to make a graphic design stand out. To make the most of these fonts, designers need to stay updated about the latest fonts and how they can be used on their designs.

  • Wanderlust

A bold font which works great for headlines, Wanderlust is a bold serif font. The unique rounded edges with the pronounced ridges make the font an amazing choice for flyers, brochures and social media designs. The font was created keeping in mind a rustic, solid and yet a dynamic modern vibe which can be added to the designs. Designed by Jan Henkel, this font comes with uppercase and lowercase alphabets and numbers.

Some typographic fonts have certain design features that separate from the rest of the simple fonts. These fonts can be created by using a contrasting weight in each alphabet for an artistic yet distinguished look. Lust Display has dramatically thin and thick strokes unlike the majority of fonts available today. Created by Neil Summerour, each alphabet finishes off in a tapered thin stroke adding to the visual that the font creates when used in headlines.

  • Coves

A new minimalistic font created by Jack Harvatt, coves was inspired by his place of study Falmouth. Such fonts while adding a distinct character to the text, remain readable at all sizes and can be added with any elements without disrupting the harmony of the design. Simple yet distinctive fonts like Coves are great for creating a logo design of a chic business. It has been designed in two weights so that the designer can create hierarchy even with the same font.

An exceptionally readable font family which consists of 16 fonts of variable weight and italics. The huge variation in these styles makes them a perfect choice for packaging design and posters.  Another reason that makes it a good choice for packaging designs is the huge set of characters it comes which are not only limited to English. You can use this font for Baltic, Central Europian, Croatian, Slovene, Turkish and Romanian characters.

  • Lvdian

Sometimes a designer prefers using a typist font but may have to use a calligraphy font, the case can be another way around as well. Certain fonts are designed using the best features of the two styles. Lydian offers the symmetry and quant typist shapes of the characters with a slight calligraphic flair. It combines the best of both worlds which makes it a good choice for website and social media banners.

  • Quicksand

Businesses have gone global and to cater to their diverse audience, the websites have to be spot on. For that to happen, you must choose a font that supports multiple languages. Quicksand is a simple and elegant font from the display sans serif family. Its rounded terminals give it an understated look. The font looks great in enlarged layouts as well as the smallest designs.

Helvetica is an already established and popular font being used by many designers all over the world. Being a simple and sleek logo family, it is popular with designers who are looking to create a logo or designs to be added on a website. Consider Helvetica Monospaced a sleeker and more minimalist version of Helvetica. This font too comes in two weights and even looks cool in italics.

  • Granite

Stencil fonts were all the rage in the 2000s along with the skateboard culture. Today, we can find elegant fonts which have been either derived or inspired by those stencil fonts.

Granite is a semi stencil display font. Thin stress and a weight decrease leave white space in the characters giving it a stencilled look. The aesthetics of the font pack a powerful punch and is a great choice for advertising as well as a packaging design.

  • Canvas

Some projects require a sophisticated look without going over the top. In such cases, a sans serif font would be the best bet. Canvas is one of the stylish fonts which is perfect if you have to make a logo for a luxury or niche brand. Inspired by the font “Didoni”, Canvas is a free font which is available in 3 weights, Light, Regular and Bold.


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