7 Most Flexible Career Options For Busy Moms
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019

Having both a kid and a good-paying job at the same time is what all the moms wish for. What if we say that this wish could come true? You can enjoy a fulfilling job from the convenience of your home while taking care of your kids simultaneously. Based on a survey done by fundera, about 3.7 million employees in US work from home at least half the day . Therefore, you too can find a job where you have the flexibility of balancing your work and home schedules. You just have to find a job that suits your talent and capability. In this article, we have tried to look at some of the job categories where you can enjoy flexible work hours. Let us have a look at these categories:

Freelance writer:

If you have a knack for writing then you can work as a freelance writer that gives you the flexibility of working remotely. Many websites like Freelancer, Upwork, etc. offer writing projects from around the world. On these portals, you can meet clients and can write articles for websites, blogs, events, parties, etc. You will get enough opportunities to unleash your creativity in writing articles. The pay is also substantial for writers who can write quality content. Once you have gained enough experience in content writing, you can even start your website and start your entrepreneurial venture. The social media platforms will help you in promoting your website so that you get more traffic. For more exposure of your blog online you can even outsource the work to a well experienced seo company


Another flexi career option would be photography. If you love clicking pictures are good at it then you can try your hand as a photographer. A little bit of investment is required to get started as a photographer as you might need a good digital camera, a tripod stand, etc. But once you have kick-started your career in this domain, it will pay off well. Wedding photography and pre-wedding shoots are the talk of the town nowadays and are good places to start photography. Start clicking beautiful pictures, create your portfolio, and become a professional photographer.

Graphic designer:

All the businesses are having their online presence nowadays to attract more customers globally. Hence, there is a high demand for graphic designers who can design a professional website for such businesses. If you have a graphic designer degree then this could be a good flexi work option for you. A website can be designed remotely and doesn’t need much infrastructure to get started. On various freelance portals, you can take up web designing projects from multiple clients and build your portfolio. You will have the choice of work hours and income no such online job portals.


Moms are generally good tutors since they teach their toddlers a lot of concepts and ideas. This skill can be very helpful in teaching students online. Currently, there is very high demand for online tutors as technology advancements have made it possible to do video calls through the internet. Moreover, you only need a computer and an internet connection to get started on your journey as an online tutor. From subject tutoring to language coaching to fitness classes, you can pick up any domain based on your expertise. If you wish to give one-to-one tutoring, then you can use social media websites to campaign about your availability as a tutor.  

Language translator:

Your proficiency in another language can open job opportunities as a translator. Very few people learn a second language nowadays so if you are well versed in one you will be paid more because of this unique skill. While working as a translator, you also get to improve your language skills as well. A lot of industries offer such job opportunities like document translation, eBook re-writing, article translations, etc. You can sit in the comfort of your home and complete the translation projects while taking care of your child. Such a unique skill is hard to find and pays amazingly well.

Wedding or event planner:

Being a mom requires good organizational skills as managing a child and home simultaneously isn’t a child’s play. A wedding planner or an event planner is a great job domain where you can use your creativity as well as management skills to make the event special for your client. Firstly, you can start by taking smaller events that you can handle alone and parallelly work towards making your team. It is a high paying job and you can take up assignments based on your house schedule. Moreover, you will also get to meet so many new people that will expand your network and who knows your small wedding planning effort might turn into an organization.

Handicrafts and homemade jewelry:

If you are an artistic person you can design some beautiful handcrafted products and sell these amazing products online through various social media platforms. You can work from the convenience of your home and take orders for these items whenever you have the bandwidth to finish them. Some of the products that you can make at home are jewelry, toys, clothing, home décor, craft supplies, etc. There is a huge market of such homemade products as these are unique items and can be bought at low prices.

The world is changing and people are not shying away from giving opportunities to women who are talented and want to work in a flexible environment so that they can fulfill their duties at home. You just have to find the domain you wish to work in and you will have a good job opportunity within no time.

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