How To Make Your Marketing Content Compelling Enough
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019

Content marketing – the real deal!

Content marketing has become that arm of digital marketing that takes the major brunt of all. It has slowly and steadily become the most desired form of online marketing. Content marketing is considered as the best way to reach and connect with consumers.

Do you know around 60% of the marketers create at least one piece of content every day? People nowadays look for businesses that could build relations with them and not just sell products. A compelling marketing strategy has to include the customer as the center point of all. After all, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal that businesses look to achieve these days because if that is not secured then it is almost impossible for any business to flourish.

But what are the major considerations that you must look forward to while designing a marketing content? We shall answer this for you.

So, let us dive into it:

Know your customer

This comes at the helm of everything. To even start with your content design, you need to have a clear idea of what your customers would want. Only when your content relates to your customer, it will turn them into buyers and help you retain them.

You need to conduct in-depth research on your consumers' tastes and preferences which will dictate a brief idea of the design and material aspect of your content. Apart from this, you can dig in the variety of content your target consumers are conducive with. It will help you to decide the format in which you must produce your content.

Refresh the existing ones

When it comes to content marketing, it is an ever-lasting process. The environment around your content keeps on changing and it impacts the relevancy and acceptability of your content. To prevent this, you need to continuously enrich your customers with fresh data even on the existing content.

This will leave an impression on your customer that you genuinely care about them, even after the product is sold. It will precipitate any ambiguities related to your product line-up as well as strengthen your customer relationships.

The secrets of keyword analysis

Great content requires greater analysis of keywords. If your keyword game is weak, it is needless to say that your content will not generate the leads that you desire, or your content is capable of.

To successfully deliver your content to customers, you need to think from their perspective. What are the terms they type on the Google search bars to find solutions to their queries? Prepare a list of such keywords and create SEO optimized content to reach the #1 page of search results.

Keyword analysis improves website ranking, drive traffic to your website ultimate mastering your SEO game!

Diversify content

The instant thing that grabs an eye for your content is its format. A correct format will give the desired look and feel to your carefully crafted content. You can choose among various formats such as written posts, pictures or videos. However, the format must suit the type of product or service you provide.

Once the format is selected, the next big thing is the process, or in simple words the drafting. For example, a blog should take care of quirky headlines that keep readers interested, a picture should provide an instant expression of your product and similarly, a video should be informative and not vague.

If you follow these golden rules, believe me, you are halfway already there.

Channelize your content

Long hours of effort to draft one single piece of content but what’s the whole point if it fails to reach your customers? How do you confer to that? Conduct customer research where you can ascertain the platforms where your consumers are most active on. It can be among social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or it can be special blogs or websites.

Now that you know, make sure you are EVERYWHERE where your customers are. It will bring you a step closer to them and will largely impact the effectiveness of your content. Thus, the availability of your content on right channels is the final thing you need for your content to be compelling.

Too much to gulp? Overwhelmed with the pool of processes that you need to employ to achieve the desired goals? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Most of the beginners (sometimes even established businesses) bleed with the thought of it. Here’s your rescue – outsource it to the experts like Ramped! It wouldn’t just ensure an expert view of your business, but also reduce the burden. 

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