Why Authors Need to Know Their Target Audience
Written by
Tishawn Marie
September 2019
Written by
Tishawn Marie
September 2019

Writers and authors need to know their target audience so they can identify with not only the audience, but the leaders within that audience. If you are writing a book in any genre, know your ideal readers. Readers that can relate to your book.

When you think about writing your book, focus on how your book will help your readers. What message(s) are you trying to convey to your target audience?

You may wonder why is it important to have specific topic (s) on why you’re writing your book. Do you think specific topics do not apply to you because you are writing a fiction book? Maybe you may think the book you are writing is for everyone.

Well, I’m sorry to bust your bubble, but if you want to be a successful author, have a specific topic(s). Know your target market and audience because your book is not for everyone. I hate when I hear that. Don’t fool yourself. If you think your book is for everyone, good luck on getting sales because without a defined marketing plan, you have a book hidden between other books; and your an author blending in with the rest; so who knows you and I’m not talking about your family, friends, and those on your social media platform. I’m talking about who knows you outside of your community?

I will give you a major reason in the importance of having a defined message; target audience; and target market. When you have a message, you know who your audience is; and you know which market to tackle, if you plan on doing book tours; and I’m not talking about virtual book tours. I’m referring to when you plan to travel.

Another reason is to create a strategic book marketing plan. How can you do that if you don’t know your topic, message, target audience, and target market? When you know this, you’re able to implement the strategies in your marketing plan and that is when your sales will increase.

The last important reason (although there is more) is for you to create alliances with experts and influencers that relates to your specific book. When you know this pertinent information, you’re able to start the process in researching, identifying, and connecting with those individuals. There are several reasons you want to build relationships with experts and influencers. You want to seek major endorsements for you book; and this is a way to go about it. That connection is the door into their audience and from there many opportunities will open up for your book; and you as an author.

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