Latest Instagram trends to watch right now
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019
Written by
Kavita Paliwal
September 2019

Social media is a game of gamble, with such a huge audience it has the capability to make or break you overnight! One tiny mistake, and it will never be forgiven – on the contrary, one small brave step of innovation, there’s no looking back.

Instagram has been on the top when we talk about updates with lots of features, tools and new advances. And if you are on the run of being an Instagram champion, you have to start making the best out of these before your competitors

Without much ado, let’s take you through some of the top trends of your Instagram that can keep your business ahead:

Stories before posts

The number of viewers that followed stories is heavily outnumbered by the daily number of feed viewers. Why? The content on the feed is basically much more edited, polished and informative when compared to stories. Stories are a great way to get real Instagram views on your profile. However, stories, on the other hand, is instantaneous, which generates the behind-the-scenes picture driving the desired human touch. But that doesn’t mean the posts must be avoided. Infact, create a perfect blend of both the features to achieve the targeted Instagram viewership.

‘Explore’ more

The number of people who check the Explore grid every day is rising, by and by. At present, it is more than 200 million. The new update of Instagram has added a shortcut to the IGTV section too that will definitely allow the users to watch the content they are looking for. And of course, not to forget the stories that will be fed in their explore feed.

Sound On/Off

‘TikTok,’ one of the biggest social media platforms definitely had an impact on other social media platforms too. For Instagram, it wasn’t just a wave, it was an ocean – since after the rise of TikTok more people started using Instagram on a daily basis. A research says 60% of the Instagram stories are viewed with sound on and 80% of those stories perform much better than the stories without volume. But the fact that there are people who would rather prefer to use Instagram with the sound off remains undiscussed by Instagram.

Stickers in stories

It is a very common psychological fact that attractive visuals catch our eyes before anything else and the human brain stops to have a look at it. This is exactly what Instagram has tried to do. It has brought up a lot of attractive stickers for its stories section to improve the visual experience of the users.

Interaction increases views

How many of you don’t respond to the poll or slide the cute emoji slider? Practically, none of us. It wouldn’t be wrong if we just collectively say, Interactive stickers have been a hit-hit! Questions, poll, countdown, emoji- slider sticker, everything induces instant viewer interaction, and well that’s what we all are after. Instagram research says that 9 out of 10 times the views increases if you attach the polling sticker to it. Let’s see what Instagram has in store for the future!

Instagram shopping is fun

All the influencers on Instagram who recommend products to the general public have their comment section and DMs flooded with queries and inquiries. To save their time and hard work, Instagram has created a tag product option in their posts which will let the viewer instantly checkout of that post and purchase it. The tag is a clickable link, along with the price and the name attached to it. This has not only made the Instagram shopping experience easier and better but now there’s one more reason for brands to be on Instagram ASAP!

Authenticity is attractive

If you can dig-in to the real-life situations, there are more chances your viewers will be convinced with your story instead of those straight-out-of-the-dream kinds of narratives. For the too good to be true, there’s a meme party known as ‘Instagram vs reality’ employed by most of the funny pages on Instagram (sometimes celebrities too) whereas for the people who stay transparent come under the meme category of ‘relatable influencers.’ These ‘relatable influencers are the one who connects to the people better.

The list is practically endless. In the end, the bottom line is if you want to be noticed in the market - keep a tap on the latest trends and bring your A-game on!

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