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This blog was featured on 09/18/2019
Lisa See on Bringing Hidden Stories to Light
Written by
She Writes
September 2019
Written by
She Writes
September 2019

Our Fall 2019 semester of She Writes University is in full swing! Lisa See, one of our instructors and a writer with over 20 years experience, sat down to chat with us about her class and her writing process. Make sure you check out her SWU course: Bringing Hidden Stories to Light: 20 Tips for Uncovering the Story You’re Meant to Write and the seven others being offered by bestselling authors. 

SW: Briefly set the scene for your writing habits: Where do you write? How do you write? What's your routine?  

Our exercise room is connected to my office.  My husband exercises early in the morning, so I take that time to answer e-mail.  As soon as he’s done, I make a cup of tea and get to work.

SW: What is the first thing you can remember writing? 

When I was in elementary school, we had a neighbor named Bernie Lopez.  I wrote a mystery with a character named Dope the Lope.

SW: Describe a moment when your own writing scared you or surprised you.  

Every single time I write.

SW: At what point did you begin to truly feel like a “writer”?  

With my first paycheck.

SW: What’s one of the lessons in your She Writes University class that you really wish YOU had learned earlier in your writing career? 

Start where you are.  I think we all wish we were further along or feel like we’ve been left behind or we’re just moms with small children or whatever.  But none of that should stop you from sitting down and starting to write.  You can start exactly where you are in life.

SW: Why do you feel it’s important to offer a writing class to other women writers through She Writes University?  

My mom was a writer and a writing professor.  She inspired so many people—particularly women—to write.  I like to think that I’m following in her footsteps.

Lisa See has been writing and publishing for over 20 years. She’s written twelve books—a novel series, a memoir, and multiple historical novels. See is known for writing about China, inspired by her own Chinese heritage, and in this class she dives deep into the many ways writers can support their own process—through inspiration, writing what you know, cutting to the bone, and 17 other tips she’s learned over her illustrious career. See will take students of this class on a journey through what she’s learned and what she knows, leaving writers and authors alike with ideas for their own process, new ways of looking at the world of writing and publishing, and a heavy dose of inspiration and connection to the story that’s wanting to be told.

Make sure you check out Lisa's class and the rest of the She Writes University Fall lineup today!

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