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  • Creating a blog post about controversial social media
Creating a blog post about controversial social media
Written by
Zoe Anonymous
September 2019
Written by
Zoe Anonymous
September 2019

The YouTubers that call themselves "The Norris Nuts" put out a music video yesterday (AEDT) and titled it "So Pretty (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO". Whilst this song pulled the heartstrings of many who felt that they could relate to the song's moral of "be brave" and "follow your heart", it had many others worried about the lyrics and unintended messages that could be taken from it.


For starters, the song's title (and main lyric) features Biggy Norris talking about the looks of his "crush". Never once in the whole video is personality or real love ever even mentioned. while some say that the line "So Pretty" could mean both inside and out, others find it hard to believe that such an intricate idea of love could come from a nine-year-old boy.


Another problem you may come across when listening to this catchy jam is a lyric saying "wait, I'm not allowed a girlfriend until I'm 18. I might have to do this in secret!". while it may seem obvious that you probably shouldn't say this in a highly watched youtube video, it doesn't appear as though The Norris Nuts agree. Although 18 does sound a bit extreme, most parents would probably agree that getting a girlfriend before you know what "onomatopoeia" is, might just be a smidgen too young.


all in all, I think that this song is fine as long as small children have a parent, guardian or trusted adult with them when watching it, to explain some of the concepts to them.  



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