Do writers still use pen names?
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September 2019
Written by
September 2019

I have debated this myself, and on my blog, at times and find the answer less than satisfactory.

If you choose to write under a pen name (or a pseudonym), you have to be comfortable with the fact that you can be, and probably will be, outed. Discovered.

I wonder, do people who write still use pen names? Is it working to your satisfaction? Can you elaborate? I'd love to start a conversation on this with anyone who has experience.

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  • Yes, people do still write using pen names. I use pen names for certain of my writing; and being discovered is really not the point for me. Choosing and writing under a pen name gives me a new perspective, because I sort of feel like a new person and that gives me a type of freedom to write what I would not write under my own name.

    Nora Roberts still uses a pen name (J.D. Robb), even though we all know it's her. So anonymity is not really the point. At least not for all who use a pen name.

    A pen name can be helpful for writers that want to write different types of works. The pen helps them put on different hat and assume a different persona during the writing.

    For instance, if a writer has written romance exclusively and decides to write a mystery novel or even a nonfiction book , on say, politics, a new name or pen name allows her to write without confusing her core audience, who may not even nonfiction..

    For me, as soon as I write under another name, I feel a certain freedom; it's like stepping out of my old familiar role, the one I’ve partially been give by my family, and choosing one for myself, one that only I am intimate with. That’s what a pen name, for some of my writings, means to me.

    Lastly, Ruth Ann Nordin a prolific romance writer has chosen a pen name and let’s the reader know and why. Her website where she talks about the pen name and her reason.

  • Raine Fraser Writing

    I'll be keeping an eye on this conversation. It's a question I've been asking, as well.