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Book Marketing Tip: Always Follow Up
Written by
Maria Murnane
September 2019
Written by
Maria Murnane
September 2019

In a recent post, I discussed how setting up speaking engagements needs a long lead time. Setting them up can also take following up on your part. A lot of following up.

Here’s why: Outside of professional conferences, most of the people running the clubs, groups and organizations you want to speak to are volunteers. That means they have jobs, families, personal lives, etc., that take priority over your speaking engagement. That doesn’t mean these people aren’t interested, but it does make it easy for you to slip through the cracks.

For example: When my first novel came out, I did a lot of outreach to chapters of Delta Gamma, my sorority from college. The story I had to share about how I came to write the book, as well as the content of the book itself, was a perfect fit for them, but having speakers wasn’t a regular occurrence at most chapters, so it wasn’t as if they could just assign me to an open slot and be done with it. Often the initial reply I got (generally from the chapter’s alumni relations director) was along the lines of “That sounds interesting!” only to be followed by silence for weeks on end while she dealt with midterms, spring break, job interviews, etc. Getting an actual event scheduled required multiple “just checking in” emails on my part. It was tedious, but well worth it, so I kept at it. Over the years I have spoken at dozens of Delta Gamma chapters, and each event has been a wonderful experience that also has helped me grow my fan base. 

Often the person on the other end just needs a friendly nudge—or three—to get thing moving. 


Maria Murnane writes bestselling novels about life, love and friendship. Have questions? You can find her at

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