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  • New Book Married to an Atheist Love Story from Idaho
New Book Married to an Atheist Love Story from Idaho
Written by
Janelle Stear
October 2019
Written by
Janelle Stear
October 2019

I married a man who grew up going to the same Christian church as me. We attended children's Sunday School and high school youth group together. We went to different colleges and discovered we were in love.

When we were first together, I assumed we would have that "happily ever after" like I'd expected after watching Disney movies. In reality, our marriage has been a series of reality tv shows. We both want to make the other happy, which has meant that we are not always truthful with each other; like when I thought he agreed we should buy our first home. It turned out, I had subconscioulsy chosen not to listen to him when he had said we should wait to buy a house till we had more money saved up. Other times, such as when we had our daughters and he believed in being firm while I was loving, proved to rock our relationship more than I had ever expected.

The final arrow through my heart was when he told me he had lost his belief in God. I suddenly found myself at a crossroads: should I leave him and break up our family, or do I stick this obstacle out and remain hopeful he'd later find his faith again? I ended up staying. That has made all of the difference.

Last year, I felt God tugging me to write about our marriage. I finally gave in and in three months I had produced the first draft. My husband even agreed to respond to my questions and let me include his own perspective into the novel. Suddenly, all of those hard years we'd experienced came to conclusion. We worked through our differences in a calm and healing manner. I was able to put it all behind me. We  now have a new way to communicate; our marriage is stronger. Without a doubt, I know God has helped us stay together so that we may be able to connect with other couples who may be going through similar problems. 

You might find yourself in a similar situation with a spouse or partner, or perhaps you know someone who is going through a difficult relationship too. Please check out my book on Amazon. Read it, review it, share it... help me spread my story with the world. 

Blessings to you! 

Find the book on Amazon: Married to an Atheist A Love Story From Idaho.

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