In which I make up excuses for not writing and thank you for reading

Here are my excuses for not writing in this blog since May:

  • May: No good excuses really, May was kind of a quiet month
  • June: Super busy preparing for travel in July
  • July: Super busy preparing for travel mid-month, and then travel! I went to Kenya for 3 weeks
  • August: Returned from Kenya, work was crazy, jet lag is real
  • September: Still recovering from being gone from work for 3 weeks. Work conference at the end of the month.

I realize these aren't the best or most creative excuses for not writing, but they're all I have at the moment. I honestly wasn't sure I would return to this blog but 4 things conspired to bring me back here:

1. I met some writers! I had the great fortune this year to join a writing feedback group. I have learned a tremendous amount about putting yourself out there and being part of a writing community.

2. I got my first rejection! I submitted some work for a writing fellowship, my first writing submission ever, and I didn't get it. That being said, the process of writing the samples and submitting them was powerful. Thanks to the above-mentioned writing group, I was able to see the rejection as a right-of-passage and a first step in my growth as a writer.

3. Readers! I was shocked to log back on and see that I had a comment on one of my posts and a new follower. I didn't publicize this blog and didn't expect anyone to read it. There is something so reinforcing and bolstering about knowing you're not alone out there, so thank you anyone who reads these words.

4. NaNoWriMo! It's coming up. I participated and "won" at NaNo last year and have an idea for this year so I'm going to give it another go. 

I'm going to really really try to post a blog post weekly. I'm also going to try not to spend hours editing said blog post because that is probably what held me back the most - feeling like it had to be "perfect." Thank you for being here with me and supporting this dream of being a writer.


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