Listen to Your Heart When Choosing Your Genre

I enjoy reading and writing poetry and always have. I write lots of poetry and I do mean lots.  In fact, it's my favorite form of writing (next is nonfiction and then fiction in that order). For years I believed that I should give it up, the poetry, since it's not what the majority of readers, editors or even publishers seek; still there is a loyal following, people who honestly relish time spent reading poems and writing them.

Even though many of us want to earn a living writing, i.e., a good solid wage so that we can keep on writing, pay our bills and even buy a few luxuries now and again, the heart still speaks, often times loud and clear.

But, for most poets, writing in this genre does not usually lead to becoming a millionaire (or even a thousand-naire).

Poetry may not be for you, but  you may struggle with whatever you most want to write, wondering if it’s the right choice.

Still, if you want to write honestly, consider where your hearts leads you, because that's a good start. And, whatever type of writing you most enjoy reading and writing, don't abandon it, just add another more commercial type of writing to your roster  and keep moving forward.

Believe me, if your heart wants to write in a certain genre it will lead you there, time and again, whether it's fiction (romance, mystery, crime science fiction or fantasy), or nonfiction (self-help, psychology, politics, memoirs, or religion).


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