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  • Recalling the best baby formula for Innocence-A Paradise “not so” Lost
Recalling the best baby formula for Innocence-A Paradise “not so” Lost
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October 2019
Written by
October 2019

Every nation in the world recognizes the usefulness and effectiveness of physical health activities. In United States of America almost 38 Million people visit Central Park, New York City in a year, which means daily more than 90 Thousand visitors come to this park for healthy activities. But parks have a most effective imprint on our life which is beyond any physical benefit.  

Parks are the nurseries for our social life and every emotion present in a human brain is developed, polished and projected here in the Parks. In parks we learn to love, help, admire, enjoy, imagine, cooperate, even eat or drink, behave, fantasies, dream, analyze, self-audit, relax, even cry or shout or to deliver a speech, develop confidence, negotiate, listen, observe and the list goes on to infinite emotions of a human being. If you love watching movies or reading literature, “Parks” if omitted from the movies or literature than what exactly we have left with? The parks are the only place where an entire life could be spent without getting victim of boredom, dullness, tediousness rather every day will be distinctive from the previous one.

Parks always attract and emit positivity, a place made of flowers, trees, green meadows, birds and children can be anything but negative. If you think of “Innocence” for a moment and try to picture it, what else can you imagine in your mind besides these? The discussion will be mainly focused on this one feature “Innocence”. The “Innocence” when child growing her first milk tooth, the innocence when her two upper and two lower teeth grew and she smiles showing them, the “innocence” on her mother face when she feeds her, when she holds her near to her chest and my daughter stick out her little pinky tongue to lick the milk from her mother’s breast. “Innocence” is when she drools with her smiley face, that drool is the strongest adhesive to bind the relations together. “Innocence” is when a child give name to the things for the first time, my daughter creates a sound “Deee” when she needs something, when she gets angry that “Deee” turns into a mixture of “Deee, dooo, patay patay” type voices and when for the first time I heard “Daaa-dee-oo” (Daddy) from her.

But! The “Innocence” cannot  be categorized in any form ever, what you think of the expression your mother face has when you come to meet her after long time? What you will experience on her face when you over eat her cooked food? Can you name that emotion when she sees you fighting over the dinner table with your siblings to keep your favorite dish to yourself only? Or you bring a gift for your siblings when they least expect it. I have experienced this “Innocence” on my father’s face when I brought him his favorite pack of chocolates, which he left eating years ago due to lack of finances. Those tears rolled over from his old eyes were carrying the “Innocence” I have never seen before in my life. My mother was holding his hand, standing next to him and at that very movement I realized the true source of Innocence.  “FAMILY”. The rust of materialism has covered us so much that the shine of “innocence” no more glitters on us anymore. Let us try to polish ourselves by using the following simple process.        

Children are the best example of innocence and we all agree on it without any dispute. They represent this in all of their activities from sleeping to playing and even when they are crying. The reason is that they have not learned to manipulate yet, they have only one mode of “straight forwardness” encoded in them by default. If they are happy they will laugh straightly, if not they will cry immediately nothing in between is known to them. This is a value we loose with aging, we prosper every other mental and physical feature as we grow but in this “Innocence” we keep on declining with a much faster rate in today’s world.

The advantages of getting innocent are far greater than losing it. The most attractive physical advantage is that you remain young, and when you can stay young for life what other benefit is required. It is not a myth, medical research says the major cause of aging are anxiety and stress and Both of these are present in every other human being who have “aged” from childhood. Children has a marvelous formula for every negative situation that has happened to them and that is “Leave it and Forget it”. It’s a medical fact that when you feel stressed wrinkles start appearing on your face and body skin, your brightness and softness start evaporating as in stress all your body is producing is heat and toxins which eventually eats it all.

How many times have you ignored negative situations happened to you? A mistake of another person? A loss occurred to you due to someone else’s mistake? A traffic jam or an impatient driver? An annoying argument between family? A friend’s mistake? How many times you have left the situation before it got worse? How many times you give way to other driver regardless the fact he was doing wrong? How many times you have tried to actually forget the negative?

Try to sit in the park and observe “innocence” around you. Try to absorb the laughter of the child when the mother kisses him or her. Try to listen to the sounds a child makes when he plays with his father. Try to speak sometime like children do. Try to count all the trees of the park. Try to reach to heights taller than you. Try to roll over on grass or do back flips or jumping. Try to soak yourself in rain and stain your knees, elbows and clothes with mud once again.

Try to live the childish dream again once in life. It is the best baby formula for reclaiming the Paradise “not so” Lost-The Innocence.

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