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  • A Commentary on How Social Media Has Affected Our Ability to Be In Long Term Relationships
A Commentary on How Social Media Has Affected Our Ability to Be In Long Term Relationships

Social media has been linked to increased levels of anxiety, loneliness, and depression, and rightfully so. It has easily become one of the things that can isolate you whilst allowing you to be able to reach out to the world. Social media and its usage is a paradox in itself. The word “social” in social media has given a completely different meaning to what socializing actually is.

Socializing has always been about meeting new people face to face, which would eventually help you find a potential love interest. The pre-social media era was all about meeting as many people as you can, going out to bars, events, and clubs, and coming across someone you like. A few decades back, there were not as many “options” when it came to dating. This means that though people were able to meet more than one person at once, but it was never as easy as it is now.

Now with apps like Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram, which give you constant access to new people, it has become easier to juggle with more relationships at once, and/or not settle too quickly for anyone. With a person’s profile at your fingertips at all times, all you have to do is swipe left or right. It is difficult for an individual in this day and age to settle for just one person. But that is not just it.  David Steele, who has been a relationship coach for 24 years and has authored 7 books, states that even modern relationships, couples do not communicate as well and as they should. He says that people have become far too busy scrolling through their social media feeds than talking or listening to their partners. The copious amounts of “entertainment” available online keep the partners far too occupied to really share and get closer to each other.

There are couples whose lives revolve around social media so much that they are not even able to look at the food they are eating while on a date. We often see couples where either one of them is constantly on the phone whilst the other partner is patiently waiting for them, looking at them with a sort of plea.

All of these things coupled together, are strangling the sanctity of a relationship. They are bringing a greater divide amongst people and giving them this surety that it is much easier to find a partner. There is far less substance in a relationship than there was before. People are not willing to settle down as much because apps like Tinder have made them believe that they need to try out different people before they fall for someone.

Leslie Shore, a communications expert who has worked with government organizations, civic groups, and corporations, believes that it is important to give time to our partners once we have dealt with all the emails and social media posts. It is absolutely necessary to manage our time around work and personal life because our partner should be a top priority in our life.

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