• Trick or Treat… Story Ideas for Your Next Book!
Trick or Treat… Story Ideas for Your Next Book!
Written by
October 2019
Written by
October 2019

This post was inspired after thinking about my omnivorous appetite pining to find…and enjoy a truly appetizing book. And yes, I know. I am a huge fan of Toni Morrison’s infamous quote paraphrased “…if you can’t find the book you want to read, you must write it.”

Fact to the matter. I love to read, almost as much as I love to write. But truth to the matter, sometimes I’d rather read, than write. And while some writers, as I’ve so heard, fear reading something they might want to write, I don’t. The way I see it, story ideas come a dime a dozen, or getting really graphic, millions in milliseconds.

As such, I pine for unique, deep, to the point brilliant stories. Add lighthearted and sappy if it’s fiction. Silly fiction can be fun too. I Love Different. Let me be browsing books and come by a synopsis talking about an empty glass turned right side up. I’d stop on the dime. My first thought would be like… WT---!? Right there, one reader would be hooked, looking to read more.

This is the effect readers like myself pine for, which differs from coming across generic themes. Take for instance a story about someone beating the odds of (you name) the obstacle; divorce, abuse, addiction, making zillions of dollars via the rags to riches route. While I never knock those themes, having read and enjoyed so many, I stay on the prowl for the story about the person surviving 17½ days on the Arctic Ocean…with only a pack of half-eaten graham crackers, or the goofball who slides down Mt. Everest…wearing a wedding ring and flip flops, or that visionary writing whole novels about inanimate objects like empty glasses turned right side up. Surely this has to be why I so thoroughly enjoy reading memoirs. No one can cop our personal stories, not even if they copied every page.

All puns aside, the point is readers out here hunger for that ‘WT’ effect. They want to be wondering why in the world Mrs. Lloyd would name her children Devil and Jesus. They want to be thinking ‘this is the strangest hook I’ve ever come across’. They want to be doing hard neck-jerking double-takes, and then bursting out laughing. They want to have no clue, and that is ZERO clues, as in nul, cero, sufuri spoilers about where this story is going start and how it will end. And most important, they want to close the book pining to read another one, just like it. Wink wink.

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