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The Write-minded Podcast Turns One
Written by
She Writes
October 2019
Written by
She Writes
October 2019

We're so excited to celebrate the Write-minded podcast's first anniversary. It's hard to believe it has only been a year given the hours upon hours of great content that can be found there. Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo shared their journeys and interviewed some of the most recognizable authors around over the last year and we don't want you to miss a single one! So we've broken down every epsiode from year one into categories so you can comb the content quickly and start with the episodes that best fit where you are at in the writing process. 


Need to work on your prose? Wish you could hear how your favorite book was researched? Look no further. From the Women's Prize for Fiction winner to authors with 20+ years of experience, you can find a wealth of knowledge on how to craft your story from start to finish. 

Rigorous Research and Its Payoff for Readers, featuring Lisa See

The Art of Writing Lost Stories, featuring Rachel Kadish

The Magic of Memoir, featuring Linda Joy Myers

On Creating New Forms in Fiction and Following What’s True, featuring Rachel Cusk

Giving Voice to Secrets, featuring Dani Shapiro

Writing Advice from a Writing Advice Guru, featuring James Scott Bell

Telling on Yourself with Your Fiction, featuring Tayari Jones

Breaking the Rules to Serve Your Story, featuring Abigail Thomas

Favorite Writing Books, featuring Grant Faulkner & Brooke Warner

The Art of Writing a Series, featuring Darynda Jones

Writing About Other People, featuring Kerry Cohen

Healing through Writing, featuring Francesca Lia Block

The Heroine/Hero’s Journey—The Most Epic of All Storylines, featuring Laura Lentz

Writerly Resolutions

Writing and Activism—Where the Pen Meets a Cause, featuring Daisy Hernández

Crossing Borders, featuring Mitali Perkins

Making Grammar More Inviting, featuring Mignon Fogarty (aka, Grammar Girl)

Marketing and Publishing

Traditional or indie, science fiction or memoir, whatever type of book you are writing and whatever way you plan/hope to publish it, a knowledge of how book publishing and marketing work can serve you in so many ways. Get to know the ins and outs of the business side of your writing career from bestselling authors and publishing experts. 

Why Fantasy Is Important, featuring Victoria “V.E.” Schwab

Best of: Ignoring the Critics and Doing You: Jessica Valenti & Daniel José Older

Best of: Be a Smarter Writer: Mignon Fogarty & Jane Friedman

Apology and Taking Ownership Over Your Freedom, featuring of Eve Ensler

What Every Writer and Author Needs to Know about Ingram, featuring Robin Cutler

How to Make Your Hard Work Work for You, featuring John August

The Radical Author: “The Dystopia Is Now,” featuring Cory Doctorow

How to Be a Responsible Creator, featuring Daniel José Older

The Power of Owning Your Niche, featuring Ryka Aoki

How to Pursue a Traditional Book Deal, featuring Meredith May

Finding Your Readers: From NaNoWriMo to Wattpad to Best-selling Author, featuring Taran Matharu

Developing the DIY Mindset Necessary to Self-Publish Well, featuring Sarra Cannon

The Business of Being a Writer, featuring Jane Friedman

Social Media — Love It or Hate It, featuring Amy Ferris

Public Speaking for Authors, featuring Betsy Graziani Fasbinder

Cultural Appropriation in Fiction and Who Gets to Write What, featuring Kirstin Chen

Bending Genres: Telling Your Story, Your Way, featuring Kwame Alexander


With NaNoWriMo's Grant Faulkner as one of the Write-minded podcasts, you know they are going to be there for you when the biggest novel writing season comes about. As we head towards November, binge all the NaNoWriMo episodes and subscribe to the podcast so you can get all the new ones as you work towards 50K.

Celebrating NaNoWriMo’s 20th Anniversary, featuring NaNoWriMo Founder Chris Baty

NaNo Rebels: A Walk on the Nonfiction Side, featuring Cami Ostman

NaNoWriMo Guidance: Getting Through the “Muddy Middle,” featuring Gennifer Albin

Kicking Off This Year’s NaNoWriMo, featuring Municipal Liaisons Catherine Noon and Alexis Daria

NaNo Prep: The Power of Believing in Yourself as a Writer, featuring Jasmine Guillory

NaNo Prep: Coaxing the “Magical Cookies” Out of Your Story, featuring Susan Dennard

NaNo Prep: Finding the Beats of Your Story, featuring Jessica Brody

NaNo Prep: Insider Secrets from NaNoWriMo’s Founder , featuring Chris Baty

Changing the World by Writing Alternate Histories (and Prepping for NaNoWriMo), featuring Mary Robinette Kowal

Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. You may know the story you want to tell, have the tools for how you want to tell it, but if you can't get yourself into your seat and start writing, it's all for nothing. So on those days where you "just don't wanna" pull up one of these powerful episodes and get back to work. 

Writerly Hang-ups, Obsessions, and Distractions—and Ways to Course Correct, featuring R.O. Kwon

Brooke’s new book: Write On, Sisters! featuring co-hosts Brooke & Grant

Best of: Following Your Own Genius: Kwame Alexander and Abigail Thomas

Cultivating Stillness, featuring Pico Iyer

Taking Leaps of Faith, featuring Bobi Gentry Goodwin

The Artist and the Destroyer, featuring Brooke Axtell

How to Carve Your Own Creative Path, featuring Leigh Stein

Young Adult Fiction and Writing the Book You Would Have Wanted to Read, featuring Lilliam Rivera

How to Get Out of Your Own Way, featuring Garth Stein

It’s Never Too Late to Seize Your Creative Destiny, featuring Vanessa Hua

How to Be Selfish and Finish What You Start, featuring Claire Dederer

Writers Don’t Let Writers Write Alone, featuring Deborah Siegel

Following Your Calling, Even When It Comes at a Cost, featuring Jessica Valenti

Perseverance and the Art of Changing Directions, featuring Emily X.R. Pan

“I Should Be Writing,” featuring Mur Lafferty

Everyone’s a Writer, featuring Mark Nepo

Doing It All and Still Writing, featuring Aya de Leon


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