5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
Written by
Lan Bell
October 2019
Written by
Lan Bell
October 2019

Everyone struggles with insecurities from time to time, but it seems that low self-esteem has become something of an epidemic, particularly among women. According to psychological research, feelings of low self-worth keep people trapped in their comfort zone, where no potential for growth exists.

If you’re like most women, you likely struggle with body image, imposter syndrome, and inadequacy in the workplace. Women are psychologically prone to negative self-talk, whether about their body, love, or professional success, and many of us unintentionally self-sabotage due to our unwarranted fears. While we cannot guarantee overnight confidence, and therapy is recommended if your anxiety about your self-worth is interfering with your life, there are a few small steps you can take to ensure your confidence gets a boost.

1. Indulge in some self-care

Should you grab that $5 latte because life is short, or should you sip on lavender melatonin an hour before bed to encourage better sleep habits? When they talk about self-care, are female empowerment #girlbosses on Instagram advocating for the occasional wild night on the town, or advising you to head to the farmer’s market? The truth is, self-care can mean something different for everyone, so it’s unwise to take advice from your well-meaning friends over brunch. If you’ve been feeling down, you might choose to buy yourself some sexy lingerie, or you might feel better if you spend a few days in your sweats.

2. Switch up your hairstyle.

For many women, our identity is innately tied up in our hair; we have our hairstylists on speed dial after difficult breakups or when we’re feeling in a slump. In a chaotic world where we can’t always see what’s ahead, our hair is one of the few things we can actively control. It’s not all in your head, either. Psychological research actually proves that a hair change can enhance feelings of confidence.

3. Take yourself on a date

Our culture has placed an unfair stigma on going places alone, despite the fact that many women prefer it to venturing out in big groups. There is nothing shameful about enjoying open spaces with only yourself and your Spotify playlist to keep you company. In fact, it can help you unwind, relax, and feel more at ease. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, taking yourself on a date can be a great way to seek joy and check in with yourself. Sip a glass of wine, order a charcuterie plate for one, and take some time to people-watch. The awkwardness will go away more quickly than you think.

4. Consider cosmetic dentistry

Unless you were blessed with perfect genes or consistently wore your retainer every night since middle school, it’s unlikely you’re totally in love with your smile. In an era where veneers and teeth whitening kits are being promoted constantly on Instagram, you might be considering amping your smile up a bit. Restorative Dental Care is different from other types of cosmetic surgery in that it isn’t solely for superficial purposes. Overcrowding and crooked teeth can cause numerous health problems down the line. Having a straight smile will not only boost your confidence. It’s also preventative healthcare.

5. Go thrift shopping

Did you know that the same hormones are released during sex and when you make a purchase? No wonder online shopping is so addictive. Fortunately, adding a new piece to your wardrobe can create a sense of heightened confidence over the long term, too! If you’re on a budget, you can still go shopping. Thrifting has become so popular in recent years that even Hollywood stylists encourage their clients to unite vintage with designer. Nothing beats the thrill of finding that perfect pair of Levi’s at an unbeatable price. What’s more, thrifting is a fun activity you can do with your best friends.

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