.cardboard boxes.


up bathed and haired washed

skipped yesterday

hope your visit went well
usually does with offspring


which reminds me to tell
you that i am with my brother from
next monday and while i shall miss

i wish to give my full attention

it is quieter here now
there is more time at mill
to talk to folks

find their whereabouts

note that the smart gentleman
who bought winter tattersall wore
leather brogues

was camping under canvas

the shirts to keep him warm

the american baker moving
over here
to buy a business, possibly
a cafe

his mother looking better in the yellow
than black
we both persuaded her

we need colour
we need to live
a little
and concentrate on editing

indeed now it is monday so
i must get to the road to go
grocery shopping
to meet a friend

to find stories that may be written
or left a bit

it is rainy today and those boxes
left outside yesterday disintegrate

the metal inside will remain
already rusty
no harm

a gift
she asked why i wanted it
i said that i did not know

he had a box in the room
to stand on
to see

we may all need one of those

in a hurry slowly

Let's be friends

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