Relica Enchanted Chapter Readings

Relica Enchanted Chapter Readings:

Chapter 38: Rata-Tat-Tat

Just as love can transform someone from the soul outward for the best, so too can its lacking repossess one's soul and manifest all the darkness within, outward. This concept was best exemplified by one troll's life who went by the name, none other than Rata. He was beastly and grotesque, unattractive was an understatement. He lived an isolated life, and that is the way he preferred it. He was an introvert indeed, unyielding and deceitful in his manner, never getting along with anyone, for the simple fact he was a closed minded old fool, full of himself, unaccepting of others, thought he knew more than everyone else, and could never be wrong, not even in his opinion, a user and a liar, his whole demeanor a façade. However, you'd only gather this inside information by getting to know him personally, as the view of himself he showed the world when he had to, was quite the opposite, as if a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. No different from the priest or teacher I suppose who behind closed doors molests children, or the healthy, robust, award winning champion of athletes who abuses drugs behind the scenes, Rata, was a name befitting this type, with the main premise being deception. To have all the respect and trust of fans, who only have a surface view, but deeper in, it's quite the opposite. 

Sylvan would need Rata's unique ability of digestion, and knew he could harness this troll’s DNA, as it was not completely dark and could still perhaps under the right conditioning be saved and restored. The thing about these types who put on a façade, is the simple fact that they did not always start out that way, and while they put on the disguise, while living an alternate life in the background, secretly they want to live up to the standard they set forth, but fall short, for one reason or another. In Rata's case, he used to be an elf until he lost the love of his life. The pain and torment, and lament of his bride, disintegrated his heart to ash, and he utterly became a troll, astonishingly. Of course a witch did play a part in this; he happened to make a deal that went awry and as punishment, a troll is what he was turned into. However, if he had the capability or capacity to love again, he could utterly be restored. Sylvan planned on making this happen one way or another, but just at the right moment would need to usurp from his blood when it grows pure the unique ability of the troll to digest all elements of the world and not be poisoned by it, as utilizing the stomach acids of a troll could wreak havoc and death to the creatures of the deep, to whom he would share it with, to impart or grant Adnaloy's wish for all the sea creatures of the ocean who would at some point unavoidable ingest plastic and die from it, and he would do this in order to pay her back for the service he would request of her in the war that was about to hit Selah.


I summon my rat

Troll of ages

Lost elf of wages

Your loneliness contagious

To all of your rages

I bind and I contract you

To love again


From the sight of the elf


I shall send to you, tonight”

Sylvan stated with such virility over a purple potion that began to glow. It was somewhat of a love elixir I suppose to help his plans for Rata reach fruition, sooner than later, as the war was upon us and time was not exactly on our side.   Ireth was an elf who sought adventure, travel and new opportunities, with a restless nature. She was confident and great at sales and promotion and a hard worker who liked to get the job done swiftly and efficiently, both versatile and capable with considerable vision and introspective knowledge on more effective ways of doing things. Indeed, she was the best one for the job of getting a troll to fall in love with her, with the help of a love elixir of course, with Rata, a troll whose heart was probably blackened.

Ireth was cute and majestic, with small sharp features, long, tightly knit braids which complimented her heart shaped face. Her smile could melt the heart of most, as she was a beautiful elf. Sylvan now, only had to encourage her to do the task, which with much coaxing, she was apt to do, as she owed Sylvan a favor, for freeing her from a fallen log on one of her many adventures. 

“Ireth, I’d never put you in harm’s way, this troll Rata, used to be an elf, and he was quite attractive, he may be hideous now, but once he falls in love with you, I can assure you will not be disappointed when he turns back to his natural state,” said Sylvan. 

“Hmmm… I don’t know Sylvan… I know I owe you, but this is big…and even if he was a handsome elf, he’s a troll now…” said Ireth.

“Well Ireth, if you do me this one kindness, I will owe you a favor…”

“What is your purpose in this anyway? Why would you want Rata to fall in love, and out of all elves, why me? Is it because I owe you a favor? I mean, why not send a troll for the job?” replied Ireth.

“Oh, Ireth, I did not select you for the job because you owed me a favor. In fact, I did originally think of Shyilia for the task, but because she is a flirt, prone to bi-sexuality, I didn’t think her the right match for Rata. You and Rata, actually have more in common. Tari is Rata’s elf name. He’s artistic and creative, he loves to talk, he’s friendly and independent, and loves spur of the moment adventure like you do and hates routine and menial tasks.”

“But it doesn’t excuse the fact he’s a troll, I mean, am I going to have to kiss him in his troll-like state? I mean it will be hard enough just being in his presence.”

“No worries about that. I created a love elixir to help speed things along, that you will give to him, secretly of course, when you prepare dinner for him, on your first date.”

“But I haven’t even agreed…Maybe you should turn me into a troll so this works better, or for all I know I might need a blinding spell…”

“You know what Ireth, you might be right… I will create for you a spell that will only let you see Rata as Tari, in his elf state, so you are more apt to fall in love with him, since he is a handsome devil, or was… and so you won’t fear his ugly troll like nature… I knew I could rely on you to come up with a perfect plan….”

Suddenly Ireth felt as if she involuntarily volunteered with her suggestions. She did owe Sylvan a favor, and she was a little bit curious about this handsome elf/ugly troll that Sylvan recommended for her… what if it was a love match…and if he was an adventurer, why not… besides Sylvan would owe her a favor after all…and she’d have a love elixir and not have to see him in his troll-like state… how bad could it be, she thought. “Very well than Sylvan… when do I start?”

“Tonight!” Sylvan replied.

Ireth shrugged, ready for adventure -only hesitantly, this time.

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