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  • Book Review: The Frights of Fiji by Sunayna Prasad
Book Review: The Frights of Fiji by Sunayna Prasad
Written by
Irene Roth
October 2019
Written by
Irene Roth
October 2019

This is a well-crafted coming of age fantasy story for teenagers and young adults. It is a quick-paced story that will capture the reader’s attention and not let go until the last page has been read.

     Alyssa McCarthy is twelve years old, a young teenager. She has similar likes and dislikes as most kids her age. However, when the unthinkable happens and she looses both parents in a car crash, she is thrown into a world where nothing much makes sense.

     First, she is sent to live with her strict and unlovable uncle. She longs for the life she had before with loving parents and having all her basic needs of love and enjoyment met. But her uncle didn’t allow her to use technology or do anything that she enjoyed. She tried to persevere, hoping that something will change her uncle’s heart. But alas nothing does.

     Then one day she receives a message in the raindrops on her window. She learns that nothing will ever change for her and that her life will be like this forever. Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, they do! 

     Alyssa is kidnapped by Master Beau. He is a sorcerer that has some type of connection to her that is unknown. He can only regain his power by weakening hers. While kidnapped she is thrown into a universe with fantastical beasts and technology of all sorts. Despite the fact that she can use as much technology as she wants, she knows that she has to get back home. How can she defeat Master Beau?

     This story is current and poignant for teenagers, especially in our era of technology. We all know we should try to restrict technology for teenagers. We just hope that we don’t have parents like Alyssa’s uncle. The story also has magical elements that resembles Happy Potter.

     This is a novel that readers of all ages will enjoy. I know I loved it! However, teenagers will be especially able to sympathize with Alyssa and all of her trials. I will I suggest that some of my friends read it, especially those with teenagers.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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