.small talk with voice.

it may be a small voice

small talk

strong syllables

rather than shouted blasphemy

is that what you mean by small talk?


or do you mean idle conversation

about nothing in particular


i can do that too


we talked about carrots that evening

prompted by a stranger


how do you cook them or do you

eat them raw and grated


great that one can cut them differing shapes


she said she decides how to cut them  according

to the accompanying veg

or company


you know if you are with friends it is good to

eat them easy

without bits hanging out

of the mouth


is that what you mean by small talk?


or do you mean words of one


not too many syllables like

that last word there


or tiny words squeaked like a mouse

very quietly


i can do that too


i can write small talk with voice


Let's be friends

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