.food stuffs.

that ice cream thingy must be a local thing

to you

i cannot think of anything here

like that

only a sweet made with wafer and marshmallow

that looks like one

i used to buy ross’s puff candy

i had 3d on wednesdays to



major decisions what to buy


never crisps

i was not allowed


they were a waste of money, only potato

my brother bought them for me

when he worked


it came our secret


i have them now of course

as many as i like


they did not have any logs at the store

not had any all summer either

i think i will find another supplier



been trying a more fresh fruit

and veg diet

gave me a belly ache

last eve


serves me right


back to the bread today


for breakfast


before a trip to aber arts

for the film


6.44 am

still dark

stomach settled

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