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Features Of Premium Quality Plagiarism Checker That You Should Know
Written by
Amelia Kristen
October 2019
Written by
Amelia Kristen
October 2019

Whether you are a professional writer or a student who likes to write occasionally out of interest for a certain pay fee, you would need good software to proofread your paper. 


You should check for software that points out grammar and spelling mistakes and should also check plagiarism and correct it as well. Nowadays, using plagiarism is a must. You can run any student paper, article, book or review through it and the scanning algorithms of such software will find similarities or exact matches between the analyzed text and other sources. 

Although the results provided by different plagiarism checkers are all going to be the same then how would you choose a reliable and efficient plagiarism checker?


Websites that claim to offer efficient plagiarism scanning may fail to produce quality results or turns out to be slow and poor at detecting similarities or their sources. While others are not safe or reliable. If you use plagiarism checkers often or sometimes, you won’t be happy using that service which isn’t safe or provides inaccurate results.


So, what are the features that you should look for in order to find out the best and most user-friendly plagiarism detection tools?




On the internet, you will find several websites that offer a variety of writing services or text scanning only, paid or free. However, not all these sites are reliable or safe to paste your text there. Some will swallow your work while doing just the opposite of what they promised, eventually breeding more plagiarism instead of helping to prevent it. 


Free plagiarism are isn’t exactly free, they come with certain terms and conditions. That is the reason why you need to look for security as you submit online is extremely important. 


Multiple Sources to Check Against


Another feature that a premium plagiarism checker should provide a detailed report based on the results of checking billions of sources and relying on multiple search engines. All the plagiarism checker provides the percentage of similarity or originality but not all of them provides a detailed report with references to potential sources of plagiarism only the premium ones provide. 


Multiple File Formats


There are many file formats used by people to write papers. So, a good plagiarism checker should support all the file formats such as doc, Docx, HTML, RTF txt, odt or pdf. This feature simplifies the process of checking as the user doesn’t have to spend time converting file formats or on copy-pasting lengthy papers. 


Smart Plagiarism Checker


A smart plagiarism checker should consist such as:


Citations and references detection


Citations and references detection is a feature for the people who write research papers and use citations in their essays or other documents. The main goal of this feature is to evaluate the citations as independent markers of language while detecting plagiarism. Different plagiarism checkers use different algorithms to analyze the citation-sequence.


Downloading and Sharing Reports


Another feature that plagiarism checker should offer is the ability to download and share reports. This feature will easily share the results of your originality check with the teachers, employers or other people that may be interested in. 


Custom Library


The custom library is a must-have feature for the people whose work is related to writing articles, reviews, etc. When you are writing 30-40 similar articles then this feature will allow you to check the individuality of one text against the other one. For that, you can create your own library of files and check new documents against it. 


Wrapping Up


These are some of the qualities that a great plagiarism checker should include. However, there is a company named Splash Editing that provides professional plagiarism as well as proofreading and editing services. 

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