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This blog was featured on 11/04/2019
Marketing Tip: Personalize Your Book Launch Outreach
Written by
Maria Murnane
November 2019
Written by
Maria Murnane
November 2019

Publishing a book is tremendous accomplishment that should be celebrated, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with announcing it to the world. However, if you want those receiving your exciting news to take action beyond congratulating you, you’re better off personalizing that initial contact.

I say this from experience. I originally self-published my first novel before it got picked up by a traditional publisher, and as every indie author knows, that means it was entirely on me to spread the word. I easily could have sent out a single email about the book to my hundreds of contacts using the blind copy or “bcc” feature. Instead, I spent several days sending individualized notes to every single person in my address book. The main information I shared, e.g. a description of the book, a link to buy it on Amazon, etc. were from a template, but the introduction and conclusion to each email were personalized in a way that showed I’d taken time to acknowledge each recipient. It also allowed me to express in a genuine way how much I would appreciate any support they could offer me. Whether that support came in the form of a purchase or sending along the information to a friend depended on the recipient. (I suggested to my male friends, for example, that they buy a copy for their wives/sisters/mothers as a gift.)

As you expand your marketing efforts, you can create a newsletter to make your announcements, which is a self-selecting group by design. (I have a sign-up button on every page of my website.) But in the beginning, when you’re contacting people who didn’t request to hear from you, the more you can do to show then you respect their time, the better. When I get blind copy sales emails, especially from people I’ve met just once or twice, I’m inclined to delete them. I would bet you are too.

Maria Murnane writes bestselling novels about life, love and friendship. Have questions? You can find her at www.mariamurnane.com.

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