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Red Rock Entertainment: Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About James Bond

In 1952, Ian Flemming developed a character called James Bond. 10 years later, the era of film Bondiada started when Dr. No directed Terence Young saw the world in 1962; however, some may argue that the screen depiction of the character started in 1954 in the first adaptation of Flemming’s work on TV: a series called Casino Royale. But today, in 2019, it actually does not matter whether the filmmaking of James Bond story has 57 or 65 years, it is still one of the longest-running TV projects the history of cinema has ever seen. There have been 27 films in total and one of them is yet to be released in 2020, it is called No Time To Die. And when it might seem obvious that the fans of this life-long story know everything about the beloved spy, some facts and secrets of James Bond continue to fascinate newer and newer audiences. Read on to learn about the top secrets of James Bond with the professional view of Red Rock Entertainment’s team.

Ian Fleming based James Bond on himself

War-time service within the Naval Intelligence Division; great education from Eton, Munich, and Geneva; journalistic experience, and overall wealthy childhood and youth made Fleming’s life quite a story itself. And since the author could not get rid of his own memories, many of them were the basis of James Bond’s life, character, habits, and preferences. For example, his service in the military definitely played a role in the detailed descriptions of the ammunition and actions that happened to the lead character. Besides that, both Bond and Fleming just loved smoking and drinking, not even mentioning the frequent changes of women around the character and the writer.

The name James Bond inherited from an ornithologist

When Ian Fleming was looking for a perfect yet mundane name for his super-professional spy, he checked hundreds of books and sources before getting this interesting twist. While writing his first novel about the spy, Fleming was reading a book by a world-famous ornithologist Dr James Bond. Today nobody could say that “James Bond” sounds mundane since we all have an association with a world-class hero, but at that time this name seemed just the perfect fit for Fleming.

James Bond has always had to be English

This is an interesting fact for the English cinema, says Gary Collins, the CEO of Red Rock Entertainment. Rarely do studios and film producers follow such regulations, not even mentioning the actors involved in filmmaking. But the fact remains - James Bond was raised in England with his aunt after the parents' death he was raised. The devoted fans know that Adam West, Clint Eastwood, Adam West, and Burt Reynolds have all been invited to play the world-class spy; yet, all of them refused to take the part only because they believed that a British character of this value should only be played by an England-born actor.

A funny fact is that Liam Neeson has also been invited to join the ranks of James Bonds’. However, the actor refused several times justifying his choice not to participate in any action films. The funny thing here is that he later participated in Star Wars; the film proved that Neeson would have been just a perfect actor for the role.

Goldfinger was banned by Israel

When the film was released, Israel banned all the country’s screenings due to an inaccurate saying by Gert Fröbe (the villainous Goldfinger). In one of his interviews, he said еру Daily Mail reporter: “Naturally I was a Nazi.” Before the country let the film get into the market, Fröbe had to explain such a statement further (follow the link, the story is kind of hilarious).  Luckily, after several people confirmed his not belonging to the Third Reich, the film was finally allowed to the country’s market.

James Bond has a family

The viewers have already got used to a lonely beautiful man who saves the world and adores drinking. And never ever, has a film fan heard that, in fact, this perfect spy has a family, or at least had one. In his book, Youn Only Live Once,  Ian Fleming describes the sad story of the spy’s past: his parents ( Monique and Andrew Bond) died in a mountain climbing accident when the lead character was only 11. After the parents’ death, he has raised in England nu his aunt.

What is even bigger is that Bond has a son! Yes, in the same book, Fleming spills this information onto the reader. After sleeping with Kissy Suzuki, the girl brings Bond’s son into the world. And while this is, again, only a book character who has never appeared on screen, who knows what the future may bring. So read and re-read the printed stories because one never knows what the next Bondiada film will bring to the world!

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