This blog was featured on 11/04/2019
NaNo 2019 Begins (a.k.a., I'm pantsing it!)

I tried, I really did. By the time November 1st arrived last year, I had my whole NaNo novel mapped out. I knew the general structure and was ready to go. But this year is a different year. While I completed more research in advance of NaNo compared to last year, in the weeks leading up to today I became stuck. There is still a tremendous amount of research I need to do to make this novel come together. And though I have a general idea of the plot and feel connected to my characters, I haven't been able to find the turning point of the novel that will propel everything forward. So, at this somewhat overwhelming impass, I decided to put the novel prep away for the last week and hope that something would come to me - my first real taste of writer's block!

It is now November 1st. A week has come and gone. Nothing has "come to me." The time away didn't give me any grand ideas. This strategy didn't exactly work according to plan. Despite this, I am not one to give up on my goals and so I was left with one option. No matter how much I love structure, planning, and organization, this year I will be pantsing it. It is true that I am not 100% pantsing, I do have a strong foundation for the novel. That being said, I've decided I'm just going to go for it and let the characters take me where they will. Fixing it all up is what revision is for, right?

I'm pleased to say that this morning I sat down, met my word goal, and am feeling exhilerated. I'm on my way! 

In addition to NaNo, I've decided on tackling another milestone in my writing life this month. A few weeks ago I created an author instagram page for myself (you can find me at: @s.keeseyphelan). Today I will begin posting on it, including with a link to this blog. I'm going to start opening myself up for feedback and engagement, hoping to grow my community of writing buddies.

Wish me luck!  



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