An observation essay: how to make it unforgettable
Written by
Marsha Flamming
November 2019
Written by
Marsha Flamming
November 2019

What is an observation essay? Try to make it and you will understand that the deal is very hard. That is like an artist’s skills. Somebody has the talent to draw a picture, anybody doesn’t. But any person can try to develop these skills.

What should you start with? First of all, the imagination is your strong skill. As a painter has a good fantasy to draw pictures, the writer has the same to write an observation story. The particular things are important in this work. You'd train your memory to find details, you'd have a broad epithet vocabulary to make such an essay beautiful.

AllPapersWriting prepared for you our guide to composing an observation essay in proper way. We are sure that as any creator you will like such a genre and find useful tips for this.

The originality of an Observation Essay

An observation essay is an academic paper. You'd use all the possible vivid words to catch the attention of your reader on it. As we like to look at a nice picture, staring at its details, your audience will read and reread your article, if it is written rightly. You must create the impression that the reader is a part of your description. He presents there, and your accurate epithets will help him in it.

We write an observation essay: Steps

Always make a plan of writing. Here are some points:

  • 1. A topic, an idea

You surely must have an idea about what you are writing about. Your life experience and vivid imagination will help you to create. The main thing is to consider the interest of others.

  • 2. The first words

As a talented author puts all his first memories down at any time, you should do the same. Write down all your first words, when you know what the topic of the essay is.

  • 3. Dream comes true

That is like a dream. You close your eyes and dream. All that you see in it, you should put down with concrete details. It sounds curious, but it works.

  • 4. Make a contour

Do as a sculptor. You have already a material; a shape is your following step. Use exposition, rising action, climax, resolution and falling action for this.

  • 5. The first draft

This step is the middle of the work. Try first paper notes and don’t be hypercritical to yourself. It’s only the beginning.

  • 6. Break in a work

For a good result, you should take a pause. Don’t think about your paper, get new emotions.

  • 7. The second draft

Now take your first draft and make it better. Change some words or expressions. As they say, you should sharpen your shape.

  • 8. Edition

Now you understood that the essay is what you wanted to make, so the time to edit it came. There are many technical resources to check the paper, to find mistakes. Use them, because a person can’t do better.

  • 9. The first audience

To check if you created a masterpiece, you should find first readers. They can be your relatives or friends. You’ll see through their emotion if you get the result of your work.

We write an observation essay: Hints

Here are some hints to write an observation essay.

  • 1. Details should be realistic. Everything matters in any observation essay. When writing, try to be truthful, your story should be realistic.
  • 2. First-person story. When you make a story, use the narration from yourself. The best words are “I, mine, etc” When reading, a man will feel your emotions like his.
  • 3. “Comfortable” language. For your reader can fell your essay, please, choose the informal language. Simply words, simply expressions will attract the different layers of audience.
  • 4. Have a mystery in your word. Simplicity in reading your essay shouldn’t muddle you. Every word should have a secret meaning.

Try all the above, and we are sure you will manage to do your best.

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